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Get the best quality video and audio clips for your own productions

In this article we will see 3 applications, 2 are completely free and allow you to download videos and audio from YouTube

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Quality is extremely important for every content creator, and for quality content, the aesthetics of the video you are going to create is one of the deciding factors. On YouTube and social networks, video or audio clips from other creators are usually used to embed them in their own videos, either to comment on them or for other purposes, such as adding some humor or simply referencing the work of another artist.

In these cases, it is necessary to obtain clips of good quality, or at least of the same quality as the original material. We all know the phenomenon in which, as a product is copied over and over again, the quality ends up degrading. But there is a totally free way to get original clips, whether audio or video, and to make quick edits of them at little cost.

In this article we will see 3 applications, 2 are completely free and allow you to download videos and audio from YouTube, and the third will have paid versions that will allow access to more functions like video and photo editing, but the prices are not available yet and, however, the latter has a lot of potential. Without further ado, let’s start:

Ontiva: YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 converter

Certainly, Ontiva not only offers MP3 and MP4 among its options, but they are the formats in which quality content is exported the most that does not take up too much space on your hard drive. The conversion process is simple, you just have to copy the URL of the YouTube video in question, add it to the search bar and follow the steps below until the process is complete.

Depending on whether you chose to export the entire video or just the audio, you will get different format options, from the heaviest and highest quality to the lightest and lowest quality but still retain most of the properties of the original material, which is what really interests us.

This application is quite useful and simple to use, and it can really be useful if you want to make short videos or use sound clips for your videos on social networks, but it also works if you want to download MP3 music to listen to them when you have free time.

MP3 download converter specialized in audio

This second online application, like Ontiva, MP3 Download does not require you to download anything to your PC, except, of course, the final product which would be the already converted audio files. The process for converting videos to audio is exactly the same as in the case of Ontiva, and you have a much wider range of audio formats to choose from.

If yours is more professional, you can always download the files in WAV format, an extension that allows you to completely decompose the original audio tracks, so the full quality and each of the properties of the original sound will be preserved. Of course, the file will take up a lot more space, so we do not recommend it for listening to music or simply for storing audio files on devices with little capacity.

Evano a multimedia editor in development with a lot of potential

Finally, there is an application that is still under development, but which you can already use in its early version. It is an online multimedia editor, Evano, which promises to give the possibility of editing not only audio, but also high-quality video and images completely online. Currently, there is the drawback that, with the free version, the only one available for now, you can only upload 100 Mb to the app and to be able to enjoy a larger space you need to pay for the Basic and Pro plans, of which you still do not have the price.

On the other hand, the audio editor, as well as the image conversion service is fully available, and you can use it whenever you need them, as long as you do not exceed the monthly fee of 100 Mb. It is possible that when the service is launched in full, these fees are expanded to offer much more complete entry services in both the free and Basic versions.

To make quick modifications with Evano, you just have to upload the files from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox or from a link and, once imported into the application, you can use each of its functions to edit aspects of the material you are trying to modify, from the format to the audio tracks.

The usefulness of this application focuses on quick edits that you want to do, for example, from a PC other than yours and to which you do not want to have to install programs. In this way, you would speed up the process and could have the material that you will use in a production ready without having to complicate your life too much. Novice editors who require user-friendly software and in which they can apply basic modifications can also benefit from it.

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