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Getting to know your vaping mod is easier than you think


Whether you are new or experienced, it can be easy to get confused by the different power vaping devices in the market. Vaping mods come in various shapes and sizes. Getting to know the difference between the various mods available and choosing the best option can certainly seem overwhelming. However, getting to know your vaping mod is much easier than you think.

What are Vape Mods

The term “mod”  originated from the word modification as vapers built or modified their own electronic cigarettes. Vape mods are much larger than vape pens and produce more vapor than vape pens. Due to their bulkier battery, they boast improved throat hit and enhance e-juice flavor making them popular with users. Some are quite large making it less easy to carry around.

Thanks to the use of variable voltage batteries, vape mods allow users to adjust the power to increase or decrease vaporization. They also feature larger tanks compared to vape pens allowing you to fill more of your cuttwood eliquid and vape for longer and on the go.

Vaping Mods are categorized into two:

Mechanical Mod

Mechanical mods as very basic. They don’t lack internal circuit boards and wires and work by connecting your battery to your atomizer when you hit the switch. Their lack of a circuit means there is no protection if your atomizer has a short and this makes the mod dangerous to use for beginners. Users should be able to determine when their batteries are incapable of handling the loads they require as well ensure that their builds are not shorting out.

When it comes to customization, mechanical mods set the pace. They have amazing customization features and are capable of reaching wattage normally unobtainable enabling you to dial your perfect vape.  Whether you prefer a cool, light experience, or enjoy being smacked around by warm, dense, billowing clouds, mechanical mods are perfect for vapers who want to take their setup to the next level.

Regulated Mods

Regulated devices have an internal circuitry that regulates the power being delivered to the atomizer. This protects you from shorts and prevents you from continually firing a faulty battery and melting it.  They range from simple pen-style mods to larger box-shaped mods that can deliver a ton of power. If something is wrong with your connections, the mod shuts down.

In addition to circuit protection, regulated mods come with advanced features such as wattage control and even temperature control. Wattage control allows you to set the output you need to enjoy the perfect vape while temperature control, on the other hand, regulates the temperature of the coil preventing it from heating excessively and putting you at risk.

Both the mechanical and regulated mods are designed to offer the ultimate vaping experience thanks to their long battery life and incredible customizability.  Will you try out the Mechanical Mod or go for the Regulated mod? The choice is up to you.

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