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Getting your broken screens fixed and back to its new state is easy

It’s going to cost you, but yea, it’s easy.

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Smartphones play a very important role in people’s lives; from setting up work schedules, face-timing with family, friends and loved ones to getting bills paid. Smartphones just facilitate a whole of stuff.

Broken screens make a phone look old or can interrupt its smooth functioning but this can be quickly fixed in a couple of minutes and made to look brand new. Based on information published on BreakFixNow, broken screen repairs can be done at affordable prices for iPhone x, xs, 8, 7 or LCD in Singapore. People who do screen replacements are offered a 3-month warranty which is valid just in Singapore.

Majority of recently made phones out of OLED which is their specialty as compared to older versions which were backlit LEDs. Broken screens repairs need to be done by a professional and require a lot of care. It is often done with a stable heat source while the broken glass is extracted from the LCD screen. 

At published BreakFixNow, there are 3 options available that can suit any one’s iPhone screen repair needs which phone owners get to choose.

The 3 available procedures to change the broken screen

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1st Alternative: For the first option; the broken glass is removed and the new glass fitted over the LCD. The disadvantage with this method is that the touch panel will become less sensitive and it will also have a lighter color difference. It is one of the most affordable methods and is quite ideal for clients who are under a tight budget and have no plans of getting a new phone.

2nd Option: For the second alternative, the broken screen will be changed and replaced with a commercial-grade optical adhesive. It is then fitted with an original screen which gives it that shiny new look. Though this method is pretty expensive, the results are just amazing as the phone will return to its original and new state.

3rd Choice: LCD glasses always come in different grades. It is always essential to buy glasses from apple shops that can offer at least 3 months warranty. With this method, a full set LCD + Digitizer is used and it is the fastest and most efficient method to change the front panel of an iPhone or any other phone brand. With this whole new set, the client can get to use their iPhone again faster but of course as brand new. It is the most expensive amongst all the three methods but sometimes, there is no other alternative but to go for it.

These methods work for all phone brands, it is all about going for a method that matches your budget and has your phone returned to new. Though some of the methods have a few downsides, technicians always enlighten clients on how to use them to avoid any further damage. So clients have absolutely nothing to worry about if the screens of their phones get broken.

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