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Gionee M6 opens up the way for safer smartphones

Smartphones are not as safe as they used to be. Luckily, the Gionee M6 will change all of that.

Gionee M6

Smartphones are not as safe as they used to be. Luckily, the Gionee M6 will change all of that.

According to a research by McAfee, about two-thirds of smartphones around the world have some kind of security installed. However, most of the times that is not enough to hold hackers who want to invade those devices, because hackers are getting more and more resourceful and effective.

This requires smartphone companies to change their paradigm, because most of them tend to focus their privacy and security efforts on the software side, while others, despite actually turning to hardware, lack some efficiency when it comes to what is stored on the smartphone. For example, as soon as someone manages to pass through the lockscreen, the information can be freely viewed.

A Chinese company surely seems to think that it is possible to do better than this and come up with a way to improve the security of users’ personal content: Gionee, one of the China’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers, is about to launch a smartphone that really addresses security.

At first, some rumors said that the Gionee M6 would feature an encrypted chip inside the phone, most likely giving it the ability to protect all the data stored inside the phone with encryption.

Following the rumors, schematics of a smartphone were leaked in the Chinese social network Weibo, with the person leaking them focusing on what kind of chip was in the phone. Shortly after, Gionee’s Vice-President Yu Lei confirmed the rumors to be true (pictured above), and finally the actual smartphone shows up on China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center MIIT’s website (see below), China’s certification entity, providing concrete evidence that the M6 is real and will likely soon hit the Asian market.

The Gionee M6 has the potential to be a truly breakthrough novelty for the mobile phone industry, as it might actually be the safest smartphone ever launched, and it will only natural that other brands adopt similar safety measures.

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