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Here’s the best hidden games Google has in its arsenal

Google Hidden Games

Most of will admit to taking a few breaks from work on sly, pretending to work when we’re actually killing time. We may take a brief look at the news, catch-up on the latest sports results, start looking at places to go for next year’s holiday and some of us just sneak a look at the latest updates on social media. However, are you aware that Google has Easter Eggs hidden across their products in a bid to alter the way we kill time in much the same way they have changed the way we use their search.

If fancy taking a look at these hidden games take a look at the guide below. It will guide you to familiar old school style games like Pac-Man or more mind challenging games including Flappy Droid on your Android phone and games you can play in Chrome when offline. Google have also hidden some awesome games in both Google Earth and Google Maps.

We hope you enjoy tracking down Google’s Hidden Games and don’t waste too much time at playing them when you are meant to be working!

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