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GOSPACE introduces new “Power Delivery” technology with SuperCharger 2.0 

Currently available on Indiegogo.

SuperCharger 2.0 

Today, new multifunctional device by computing and mobile gadget company, GOSPACE, hit Indiegogo and it’s called SuperCharger 2.0. While we’ve seen our fair share of gadgets and multifunctional devices promising to clear up space on your desk, this one stands out from the rest not only because of its functions but due to a never-before-seen type of charging technology

First and foremost, SuperCharger 2.0 combines a charger and power bank while adding file transfer functions. You can forget about card readers because it features the convenient ability to read your SD cards and USB devices and then edit any files on them directly. 

As per the new charging technology, it has been coined by GOSPACE as Power Delivery “PD” Technology and it promises 3x the typical charging standard. It is equipped with a 45W USB-C 3.1 Power Delivery port and two 18W USB-A 3.0 Qualcomm Quick Charge ports, which means you can easily fast-charge multiple devices simultaneously such as your laptop, camera, phone, and more. It also comes with a 10,000mAh battery for plenty of power when you’re on-the-go. 

When designing SuperCharger 2.0, GOSPACE made sure safety was their top priority, especially with such a high power output device. This is demonstrated through their “8 layers of protection” including, voltage, temperature, short-circuit, over-charging, electromagnetic field, output, and automatic shut-off when an overcurrent is detected. 

Another feature of SuperCharger 2.0 is an international usage. It has the capability to support over 150 countries and comes with interchangeable plugs for when you’re traveling. There’s also no need to worry about different voltages thanks to the device’s auto-detect feature. 

All-in-all, SuperCharger 2.0 appears to be a worthwhile device that will clear up some space on your desk while giving you some of the fastest charging you’ve ever experienced. And, it’s 50% off right now at only $69 if you pre-order it on their Indiegogo page. The basic reward includes one unit and an exclusive protection case.  

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