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Groundbreaking security technologies all businesses need to know

All the latest technological advancements in the security industry are beneficial to protect businesses from intruders.

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Americans are very serious when it comes to security. In fact, the security services market in the US is expected to increase by 2.4 percent in 2019 after reaching $38.5 billion in revenue. While most of the security services availed by US-based companies include security guard and patrol services, private detectives, and corporate investigative services, more businesses are also investing in CCTVs and access controls in their facilities.

They are considering the benefits of using advanced technologies to protect their belongings. These include the “contactless” smart cards to boost security in their properties. But aside from smart cards, here are some of the latest technologies offered by security companies today.

Access Control Security Switching From Cardholder Management To Identity Management

Integrating access control in your business is very important to protect your company. According to experts from DSC Integrated Security, this security option can let you choose who can come and go inside your facility anytime you want. But aside from barring unauthorized people from entering your facility, other important parts of your business must be restricted from unwanted entities.

You need to protect your logical systems, the company’s intellectual property, and other specially designed equipment. This can be done by managing identities instead of handing out access cards. With identity management, the company can store the digital profiles of all employees. Their records can include several attributes like the person’s role, salary grade, qualifications, achievements, and years of tenure.

By adding identity to an access management system, your business can automatically designate or remove access to any member of the organization. You can also set a limit to their access, depending on their position in the company.  In addition, experts also believe that identity management is a vital component of cybersecurity for any business. Therefore, this security trend is expected to remain in the years to come.

Surge In Video Analytics

In the past, video analytics software is only availed by big companies because of its steep price. They use it to record hours of video surveillance instead of requiring their security guards to keep their eyes on the screen at all times. With the help of video analytics, each moment captured by the camera will be kept so it can be reviewed as the need arises.

Fortunately, video analytics are now more cost-friendly and easier to use. Recent technology also allowed it to become more dependable and needs lesser maintenance. This allows smaller businesses to avail of this security service. In addition, the demand for other forms of video analytics like privacy masking, motion detection, people counting, and more.

More Tools To Keep An Eye On Cybersecu1rity

Businesses are now focusing on cybersecurity features when considering a new security system. Aside from incorporating additional cyber defense features, companies are also interested in knowing how these components can protect their business.

This is why cybersecurity providers are coming up with a way to monitor the functions of their security systems actively all the time. They are also creating more solutions to check the effectivity of their security strategies. Because of this, businesses will be alerted if they have any outdated firmware or if they need to change the default passwords immediately.

All the latest technological advancements in the security industry are beneficial to protect businesses from intruders. Such innovations introduced by security service providers can be used to protect both the physical and cyber presence of the businesses. Thanks to these new security technologies, even the smallest start-ups no longer have to worry about threats like theft, a stolen identity, as well as stolen intellectual property rights.

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