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Growing up on social media? Andrea Bosetti’s steps to take your business to the highest level

This expert in digital marketing continues to develop ideas and strategies that allow him to grow every day within the digital environment

andrea bosetti

With the rise of social media in the business environment, more and more companies are betting on this phenomenon. However, many of them are not fully aware of the importance of this process, which is why it is not handled properly. For Andrea Bosetti, a social media trainer, this aspect plays a fundamental role and having the right knowledge to manage it is essential.

Andrea has dedicated most of his life to strengthening his knowledge regarding the potential of social media and how to communicate effectively from these platforms. Although he has done so with great dedication, since he began his professional career he has walked the path of marketing.

As a manager of a nightclub years ago, he had the opportunity to manage events in which he had to organize teams of up to 1000 people weekly to carry out the presentations successfully. Once he graduated from college, where he graduated as a specialist in economics and commerce, Andrea decided to start as an entrepreneur.

He founded a bar whose success during one year was very favorable. Later, he sold it and started a second business, which after two years of management he also sold to start what would be his most important stage then. Together with two other people, Andrea started Coverstore, a chain of stores dedicated to the design and sale of cell phone accessories.

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As a marketing director and founder of this store, his purpose was to bring it to success and he succeeded with his skills and experience. In just a few months of his career, what began as a company with a budget of 9000 euros, reached a turnover of 12 thousand euros and expanded into more than 100 stores.

In 2018 he sold Coverstore, after five years managing every aspect of his sales process with total dedication and decided to start in the real estate area, carrying out the development of AGL ASTE IMMOBILIARI, an agency whose growth results were similar to his initial project. It reached 60 affiliated offices and a turnover of up to 1.5 million.

All of this was largely due to the importance that Andrea gave to social media as part of his business development. Beyond seeing it as a mere advertising issue, in each of these projects he dedicated studies, efforts, analysis, and precise strategies to reach his objectives and obtain those results.

The birth of Digital Marketing Mind 

With great experience in the area, Andrea considers the need to take his knowledge to another level. One where he could not only undertake a new project and grow even more in his career, but also share his knowledge for the benefit of other companies. That’s where Digital Marketing Mind comes from.

It is an academy specialized in training and consulting for companies and individuals in the area of digital marketing. It offers the opportunity to train with all the theoretical-practical resources to communicate more effectively and profitably through social media and obtain remarkable benefits.

In just one year, this company managed to scale up with great results. More than 30 companies started their consulting process and around 700 received the training to grow their business environment in the right way.

Effective customer service channels

Seeing social media only as an entertainment or fun platform is one of the most common mistakes. Among the greatest potential of these platforms is the possibility of being one of the most efficient channels for customer service.

One part of the training offered by Andrea’s academy is to generate knowledge based on this topic and provide the right guidelines for each business person to transmit the right content more accurately and effectively.

A brand, a distinction

Another elemental aspect within the process of growing in social media is the construction and development of a brand. For Andrea, the brand is the best tool to attract people’s attention in the right way. This, outside the advertising focus, will allow us to generate a connection with people in social media, showing the reality that distinguishes one brand from another.

This expert in digital marketing continues to develop ideas and strategies that allow him to grow every day within the digital environment and offer greater reach to people interested in growing through the transformation of the communication process to a more efficient and profitable model.      

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