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Growthoid review: How to grow your organic Instagram followers

All in all, in a saturated market of Instagram growth companies, Growthoid sets themself apart with transparent service.

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Over the years, Instagram has only gotten more popular, with enhanced features for influencers, brands, and businesses. This means that there is not only a better opportunity to turn your gram into business, but there are also more users– about 1 billion monthly, to be exact.

So, how can a business or influencer extend their reach and take advantage of the huge Instagram user base?

It’s a simple concept, but harder in practice.

Growing your Instagram following can be extremely time-consuming work, and often it hinders content production and edges into our workflow more than we’d like.

There are many growth services out there to help solve this problem. So, how to choose the right Instagram growth service?

There are many things that one should consider, including the method used to increase followers, type of followers acquired, among others.

We’ve done some digging and testing and found the latest popular growth service to grow organic followers– Growthoid.

In this review, we’re going to talk about some aspects of Growthoid’s service, what you can expect from them, and how it benefits your account in the long run. Let’s get going!

Instagram Growth Services

It’s no secret that Instagram runs a tight ship– they are very particular about how third party companies and apps engage with the platform and thus many companies find it difficult to actually deliver on the services they promise to their clients.

Bots and automation are two of the most monitored interactions by Instagram. They have strict policies on using bots and your account can be disabled or even removed completely if you breach these rules through bots and automation. Sometimes this can happen if you are acquiring a lot of fake accounts, or if your automation service is going above the engagement limit numbers set by Instagram (they aren’t released to the public, but they exist for internal monitoring).

Also, when using many Instagram growth services, the followers provided are less than sub-par; many accounts are totally fake, ghost followers that won’t engage, or way outside of the targets set by the client. These are some seriously frustrating roadblocks when you hire a growth service to grow your Instagram.

Growthoid Review

When we found out about Growthoid, we were immediately intrigued. They are an organic growth service for Instagram that does everything manually– that means there are no bots and no automation elements.

Based on some other companies and their results — or lack thereof– using bots and automation, we were very curious to see how exactly Growthoid works. We’ll break down some of the features that we really loved and help show you just how Growthoid stole our hearts.

Account Manager

One of the most unique features of Growthoid is that they provide you with a dedicated account manager. This means that you don’t have to wait for any customer service rep to get back to you, or wonder if your concern will ever be resolved.

This account manager works directly with you and is in charge of the manual follower growth on your account.

Why is this a benefit?

They have all of your targeting instructions in mind and can focus directly on your goals. Your goals, in essence, become their goals, and they can take over your Instagram growth while you focus on other things like content building or engagement strategies.


Another super important element of organic Instagram growth is the targeting instructions. Growthoid offers targeting based on things like gender, age, location, and similar accounts that could have followers who would be interested in your content.

Once you discuss these targets with your account manager, they will begin to grow your followers. If at any time you would like to adjust or tweak these targets, your account manager is there to help. This is a really seamless process.

Quick Turnaround Time

Growthoid is very responsive; within 24 hours you’ve already got your account manager signed and ready to go on your account. This is really effective, and if you put out some good content while your account manager is off to work, your results will be even better. That’s the nature of organic growth, and the system that Growthoid has in place makes total sense.

Pricing Plans

Growthoid has 2 pricing plans, and also offers bulk packages if you work with more than one account. This is great because their model is flexible, and you can cancel the service at any time, which is great for peace of mind. If you’re looking for a boost in followers for a few months, you have the option to leave the service whenever you’re ready. We love that.


Growthoid is so confident in their services that they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This is excellent because it gives a real sense of trust and peace of mind that they care about providing you results, and are sure that you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

Organic Followers

Truly the main benefit of Growthoid is that you’re going to be getting real followers. This is absolutely vital in ensuring your Instagram follower to engagement ratio stays healthy; not only that, increasing reach is meaningless if those followers who are viewing the content don’t care, have no interest or aren’t even real.

Follower quality is the most important thing these days, and buying followers for the numbers will do nothing but hurt your account, making it look less trustworthy with low engagement rates and also interrupting your analytics. It will be difficult to determine how your content is performing.

With Growthoid, all of that is avoided because they provide real followers based on your targets, which is music to our ears.

Review Conclusion

All in all, in a saturated market of Instagram growth companies, Growthoid sets themself apart with transparent service, helpful and passionate account managers, and real organic followers acquired by hand. This is a really rare thing to find on the market, and it’s without a doubt the best way to grow followers that actually add value to your Instagram business or profile.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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