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Has technology turned us into loners?

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We all hear about how much technology has done to improve the world over recent years, and this is definitely true. Our personal and work lives have changed for the better thanks to tech advancements and we are now able to achieve far more than before because we have access to so much technology that can help us.

However, there is also another side to modern tech and one of the downsides is that it may be helping to turn many of us into loners. The opportunities that the internet brings with are invaluable in many ways. However, in other ways, they have had a huge impact on our ability or willingness to socialize with people on a personal level.

Online shopping  

One of the ways in which we have become less interpersonal is by doing the bulk of our purchasing online rather than going out in person to shop. People don’t like to stand there are lines and then wait for the cashier to put their card through this magnetic card reader device in order to approve it. Most want to avoid the queues and get their purchases completed and quickly and conveniently as possible. However, this means that we no longer even have to leave the house to shop, which means that we interact with people less.

Online dating 

Online dating has proven helpful to many people over the years. However, it could be argued that these sites stop people from going out there and meeting someone in person. There is a lot to be said for online dating, as it can help those that lack confidence and it can help to promote safety to some degree. However, in decades gone by people met by actually meeting rather than instant messaging one another for months on end before venturing out to actually meet up.

Social media 

One of the worst culprits of preventing personal communication and face to face socializing is social media. There are now so many people that use social media sites it is not surprising that is has become the main method of communication for many people. People now interact with friends and family through social media sites such as Facebook, which means that there is no longer a need to go out and see them or even to ring and speak to them. It is a little ironic that these social sites have actually taken the social aspect out of real life. Even when people do go out, they spend most of their time tapping on their phones rather than conversing and having a good time.

Communication has changed

There is no doubt that the way in which we communicate has changed dramatically as a result of the internet and digital advancements. Even the way in which we work in terms of communication has changed. These days, businesses and freelancers can get through the whole day or whole week and beyond without speaking to a single customer or client. This is because all of the communication is done online so there is no need for them to actually call or arrange a meeting to speak to one another.

We have all benefitted from modern technology such as social media and high-speed internet. However, we have to be careful that our ongoing move into a digital era does not leave us in a position where we no longer communicate with anyone other than those that can receive and send messages, email, and texts.

Chris has been blogging since the early days of the internet. He primarily focuses on topics related to tech, business, marketing, and pretty much anything else that revolves around tech. When he's not writing, you can find him noodling around on a guitar or cooking up a mean storm for friends and family.

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