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HBO Max and Discovery Plus will be replaced by a new service

Hopefully, the new app will work better than the current HBO Max app.

hbo max and discovery plus merger
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The HBO Max app as we know it is on its way out. There’s a new streaming app coming in the summer of 2023 that combines the app with Discovery Plus.

This has been a change in the making since WarnerMedia merged with Discovery back in March, becoming Warner Bros Discovery. And Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav confirmed the new app in an earnings call yesterday (thanks, Verge).

In speaking about the new app, Zaslav noted that, while HBO Max has competitive content and features, the app itself has “performance and customer issues.”

Although it’s the third largest streaming service, behind Netflix and Disney Plus, HBO Max struggles to actually stream when its servers are busy.

For that reason, Discovery Plus will take over as the core of the new app. Zaslav says Discovery Plus has better technology, which will hopefully lead to better performance.

And the content will be a combination of the two. Zaslav reassured listeners on the call that the company is not canceling tons of HBO Max content.

Many people began speculating the worst after the company recently canceled the mid-production Batgirl movie.

Despite this, Zaslav says the company is still confident in HBO Max and its content. As the third most popular streaming service in the world, the platform must be doing something right.

But it will be really interesting to see what the new HBO Max/Discovery Plus streaming service will look like when it launches next summer.

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