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Head in the clouds: Why so many businesses are migrating

Well, cloud providers tend to be big businesses, and this means that they have some immense security behind them.


If you have kept tabs on the technology industry over recent years, you will have heard all about cloud computing.

This is the big thing in the business at the moment, and it can be experienced on so many levels. For the Average Joe, something like Dropbox is held in the cloud, but for businesses around the globe, it can span to all of their different systems.

The latter is what today’s article is going to focus on. We will now take a look at some of the main reasons why cloud computing is only getting bigger, and why more and more businesses are tapping into its advantages.

The lack of capital expenditure

While large businesses are more than happy to invest huge amounts of money into their ICT infrastructure, the same can’t be said of smaller enterprises. Ultimately, this initial hardware costs a lot to implement, and there are a lot more pressing matters for those smaller firms to tackle.

This is where something like gcloud services from UKCloud come into play. Rather than a business investing in their own hardware, the cloud provider does it for them. Of course, there are running costs to take into account, but that big financial hit that businesses are so reluctant to take is immediately eliminated.

Disaster recovery options

Again, in relation to big businesses, this is something that many will do. However, smaller ones are more reluctant to pledge their resources into disaster recovery, even though it is a key part of modern-day operations. Ultimately, if something does go wrong, many of these businesses are well and truly left in limbo.

As cloud companies tend to take care of this, it’s not something you can leave to them.

The flexible factor

This relates to the first point we made and the expensive nature of housing your own infrastructure. It means that every time your needs changes, whether it’s for the better or worse, you need to adapt.

Well, in the case of the cloud, this can almost be done at the touch of a button. It is a completely agile service and means that your capacity will only be based on your current requirements and you can ultimately scale up and down as you please.

It all comes down to security

As we all know, cybersecurity has been in the news a lot over recent times. Some of the biggest companies in the world have been subjected to all sorts of attacks, and this also means that everyone is at risk. In fact, if you are a smaller business who naturally has fewer methods of defense, you are even more at risk of being attacked.

Well, cloud providers tend to be big businesses, and this means that they have some immense security behind them. This means that you are immediately more protected than you ever would be by going alone, and particularly in the era of GDPR and all sorts of other legislation, this is something that you should not underestimate.

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