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Here are your free PlayStation Plus games for November 2021

This month includes some extras to celebrate 5 years of PSVR.

free playstation plus games
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As the holiday season quickly approaches, November is just around the corner. That means it’s time for a brand new batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members.

A couple of exciting multiplayer games are up for grabs in this month’s free PlayStation Plus games, alongside a unique fantasy RPG. To help celebrate 5 years of PSVR, PlayStation Plus members are also getting a few VR titles to go along with this month’s free games.

This time around, all of the free games available for November will be available on the PS4, as well as the PS5 through backward compatibility. Remember, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus membership to claim these free games. So let’s see what’s up for grabs in November.

Free PlayStation Plus games for November

To kick off this month’s free PlayStation Plus games, Sony is offering the exciting dodgeball extravaganza Knockout City. This exciting multiplayer title features competitive team battles with power-ups and insane mechanics. Dodge your way to victory as you knock out your opponents in Knockout City.

Next on the list is the fantasy RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Originally a PS3 title, this version of the game has been completely remastered with upgraded visuals and refined gameplay. With all of the game’s additional content included, you can experience the story from the minds of some of the world’s greatest fantasy creators, all for free!

Next comes a brand new multiplayer party game launching for free on PlayStation Plus called First Class Trouble. This six-player social game involves a group of players working together to shut down a dangerous AI at the center of a luxury spaceship.

But only four of the game’s players will be working together, while the other two attempt to lie and deceive to try and thwart those who would stop the AI. You’ll have to work together to succeed but be careful who you trust.

Rounding out this month’s free games with a few VR titles

the walking dead vr game
Image: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

But PlayStation isn’t stopping there with November’s free games. Sony is giving away three PSVR games to PlayStation Plus members this month, starting out with The Persistence. The Persistence is a survival game where you must learn how to survive as the lone stranded member of a spaceship crew. Using resources you find along the way, you’ll have to craft weapons and upgrade abilities to fight against terrifying sci-fi monsters.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is also up for grabs as part of this month’s PlayStation Plus free games. Based in the wildly popular The Walking Dead universe, you’ll have to traverse the dangerous post-apocalyptic land of New Orleans, fighting or avoiding zombies. You’ll meet several people along your way, but not everyone has your best intentions in mind in the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, Sony is offering Until You Fall for free for PlayStation Plus members in November. This fantasy sword fighting game features an insane neon environment and crazy magical monstrosities. Using electronic rhythm and PSVR’s arm and body controls, you have to fight your way through your enemies, blocking attacks, casting spells, and anything else you can use on your way to victory.

So there’s Sony’s offering of free games for PlayStation Plus members for November. All of these games will be available for download starting on November 2.

The first three titles will be available for free until December 6, while you’ll have until January 3 to download the free PSVR titles. As a reminder, you will need an active PlayStation Plus membership to claim PlayStation’s free games.

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