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Here’s 4 devices you’ll need if you’re thinking about cutting the cord from your cable provider

Paying for cable is no laughing matter, not to mention all the costs associated with it. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll need if you’re looking to cut the cord.


Unless you’re totally addicted to channel hopping and you can’t be bothered to watch on demand content as opposed to live television, there’s really no reason to subscribe to pay TV anymore. There are so many great services out there that stream tens of thousands of hours of content for next to nothing, and you can get all of the major networks for free in high-quality 1080p Full HD. So seriously… why are you still paying for cable?

In this post, we’ll show you four devices that will let you cut the cord with ease.

Set-Top Box

First, you’ll need a streaming box so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and every other service. We recommend the Roku Premiere+.

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Next up, you’re going to need an HDTV antenna that gets you live broadcast TV in FHD from every major network for free.

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You’ll also definitely want to get your own cable modem since the cost of your internet will go up once you ditch cable and lose your bundle discount. We recommend the Netgear model below, and you’ll find faster versions of it on that page if you want.

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And finally, you’re going to want to upgrade your Wi-Fi router so you can stream movies and TV shows anywhere in your home without any problem. Below, you’ll find three different options that cover every size home and every price range.

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