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Here’s a cloud-based digital architecture software designed for businesses

Archipeg is a single platform where cross-functional teams can collaborate to drive significant change.

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Technology is the magnet that is sticking our world together. In digitally sound lives, survival in the absence of technology is an unbelievable concept.

As technology is affecting every platform and sector, the same is true with businesses. 

A brief history of technology

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Businesses based on varied platforms were designed with digital tools. These became prevalent in the architecture and design industry in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

During this time, computational tools became significant to the design process and the production of drawings.

Commenced by Lovelace and Babbage, digital architecture led to the world of exploration. It informed architectural design as additional advancements formulated alongside computer science in the mid-20th century.

The man-made architecture relationship overcame contemporary mannerisms of discernment. It was an amplified vision that represented the digital age’s intricate computations.

The era of digital architecture allowed complex calculations that assisted architects in creating a diverse range of complex forms using easy computer algorithms. 

In saying that, architecture transformed into the backbone of decisions undertaken by big, small, and medium organizations.

Multiple tasks are performed within these organizational divisions where the architectural framework is present. However, connecting different layers of departments and teams that prefer to work in silos is a setback.


This is where Archipeg entered in 2020 – a cloud-based enterprise architecture software that eliminates hindrances by connecting technology with business.

Organizations receive a centralized repository of the knowledge required to make coherent decisions. This software is affordable in the domain and is easy to use. 

Archipeg provides simplicity to the organizations to be exceptional in digital architecture. This ultimately evolves into a global tool of expression in the new millennium.

The aim is not to use complex digital architecture. But to make it easy and accessible to everyone in the digital-first world.

Every organization comprises many unorganized data and knowledge spread amongst various departments.

These departments are spread across business processes, products, services, people, technical systems, and solutions.

But the organizations need to ensure that the information spread on this scale is utilized effectively.

Here, Archipeg emerges as a conqueror to derive meaningful digital transformation to make it possible. This software invites SMEs to utilize and contribute centralized knowledge. 

Archipeg is a cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that generates complex forms like programming, simulation, modeling, diagramming, and imaging to create forms and structures.

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It merges the attributes of enterprise and solution architecture to create a tool that connects organizations under a singular umbrella.

A seamless bridge between businesses and IT, Archipeg is a single platform where cross-functional teams can collaborate to drive significant change.

With competition and adrenaline running high in a business environment, businesses need to ensure that the IT solutions are in alignment.

A disconnection can result in ineffective functionality, leading to a disability to deliver value to the end-users.

To evade this possibility, solutions are delivered which are tailored as per the requirements of the business based on the designs, vision, and business structure.

Categorizing the business capabilities into logical groups explains setbacks that fathom the business. 

The founder of Archipeg

Founder Tengiz Tutisani witnessed the challenge where digital architecture was not easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

He designed a tool that connected everyone in the organization and was a central place where people could learn and share their knowledge related to architecture.

With this wealth of experience of over two decades in software architecture, Tutisani explored his expertise from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations while working in diverse countries.

A publisher, solution, and enterprise architect, he is also a professional in digital transformation and large-scale architecture disciplines.

Driving significant change in business and defining the new-age digital architecture, Archipeg integrates and connects a wide range of structural and behavioral data into a graphical outline.

The company also allows cross-functional business teams to streamline, collaborate, and achieve a perfect IT-to-business solution.

Archipeg supports all approaches that a modern and digital enterprise needs.

The company unites organizations under a singular vision and sustains the flow of knowledge for a positive change by capturing, analyzing, and presenting architecture to all sectors in the same time frame.

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