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Here’s a Tesla in Autopilot mode zipping in and out of NYC traffic

Can you believe Tesla just pushed out a software update to its Model S sedan that allows it to drive in autopilot mode? Well yea, they just did.

Tesla autopilot

Remember as kids when we used to dream of cars that drove themselves? Well, we all know it’s already happening with Google’s self driving car. But Tesla is going to blow your mind because they recently released an over-the-air software update that allows its Model S sedan to automatically drive itself in almost any situation.

That’s right, a software update.

It’s essentially an autopilot mode that lets the car automatically steer, parallel park, switch lanes, and in the end, help you from colliding into other cars. However, it’s not fully autonomous. It’s designed more to help you out in situations like heavy traffic and highway driving. It doesn’t know what color a traffic light is and it can’t drive a pre-determined route. Think of it as a tricked out cruise control.

Although it’s not fully autonomous, Tesla really did something revolutionary. I mean, think about it: they pushed out a software update, similar to how we update our smartphones to pull this off. What a time to be alive.

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