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Here’s all the latest laser tech you should probably be checking out

No doubt that in the coming years the technological advancement in laser cutting will be improving in all mediums

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As technology has been advancing in every field, there is a huge advancement being encountered in laser cutting technology as well. There has been an onset of rapid growth and improvement in the field of power and speed in laser technology.

In the year 2019, the fiber laser machine has produced amazing advancements in laser cutting, and currently, are available at power levels of 10-12kW. The main reason why the new generation of fiber laser is much preferred over other laser cutting options is because of the considerable use of automation in that field.  It is the speed as well as the capability of the laser that will give rise to some new physical skills of laser operations.

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In today’s market, the machine is becoming an essential element for manufacturing companies. The use of machine dynamics will be making the nesting and programming much more critical. For the machine to cut in the shortest time, the laser cutter is always in need of some skeleton or  scrap removal timeline access. Although for the users, the machine is all about the “plug and play” operations. 

Overview On Latest Laser Cutting Technology In Market

In the year 2017, SSC came up with the introduction of the Bystronic 10kW Fiber Flatform Bed Laser that is purposely meant for a fleet of laser cutters. There have been countless predictions related to the future of laser technology in the world that may yet be made by SSC. The entire future course associated with laser efficiency is with sheet storage, automatic loading, along with the unloading of the material. 

SSC has been following up with some latest technological mediums inside the metal laser cutter industry. It is expected that the future is completely lying in the direct diode of the laser. This will eventually be increasing the cutting speeds, all along with efficient power consumption. The speed at which the machine has been working is based upon the type and gauge of the material, such as aluminum.

Introduction About Direct Diode Laser Technology

Hence the process of Direct diode laser technology, as it is evident from the name, makes use of direct diodes for the cutting system. DDL is coming across as the future of the laser cutting timeline as it is outperforming the rest of laser cutters. In the last few years, DDL has been usually used for cutting some thin metals. This is because they were based on the power level of a maximum of 2000 watts. This has been limiting the entire use of this product in the steel industry.

Based on the latest development in this category, the DDL platform is now making use of power levels that are around 8000 watts. This is expanding its range of stunning capabilities that allow it to cut all kinds of thick materials.

DDL technology is, on the whole, offering three significant benefits over  CO2. This is all about high-speed cutting with maximum efficiency, and the high quality of the cutting. It is reported that DDL is almost 15% faster in all material types and thicknesses, and is around 30% faster cutting aluminum.

No doubt that in the coming years the technological advancement in laser cutting will be improving in all mediums. It has made itself a prominent place in the manufacturing industry. 

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