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Here’s what you need for a successful business website

A blog may take some extra time and you may have to hire someone for the job, but it is worth it. Its impact will be tangible and quantifiable.

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For years already, businesses have needed good websites in order to survive. Without a website, your business may as well not exist in 2020, especially in context of stay-at-home orders. So, chances are you already have a website of some quality.

However, what a business needs in a website has changed. In the past, a simple website built with a free CMS could do the trick. Now, if you really want to impress potential clients, you need something more.

Here is what you need for a successful business website in 2020.

A dedicated server

Web hosting is the most fundamental requirement to run a website. Shared hosting has long been the most popular form of web hosting, considering it is so cost-effective. With shared hosting, your website is on a server that is being used by a number of other websites. This is perfectly fine, as long as you are not expecting a lot of traffic or performing high bandwidth tasks on your website.

In 2020, you should consider getting a dedicated server for your website. Who needs a dedicated server? Any website that expects a large amount of traffic should have a dedicated server. So, if you are running a big company – or a company with big plans – you should not rely on shared hosting.

A web developer

Individuals and small businesses can get away with creating a simple website using a platform like Wix. However, big businesses need to commit much more to their website. This is because not only should they be bringing in a lot of traffic, but they should also be dealing with sensitive client data.

If you don’t have the expertise within your business, hire a web developer. They will create a website for you that is customized to serve your particular needs. They will ensure all safety protocols are in place. And they will be there for you when you need help making changes.

Websites should be somewhat dynamic, and a web developer will help you adapt your website on the fly. Any new features you need to reflect upgrades to your company can be added immediately, without you having to figure out how to create makeshift solutions.

A blog

Your business is targeting customers to buy a product or service, and you might think a blog is indulgent. After all, it is not part of your mission to educate your clients. However, a blog does more than provide a service of its own. On the contrary, it brings customers to you.

A business blog is part of what is known as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing works by bringing organic traffic to your website and introducing customers to your product without targeting them directly. For example, a person will search for a topic related to your niche. They will find your blog and click through, and will consequently learn about what you have to offer.

A blog may take some extra time and you may have to hire someone for the job, but it is worth it. Its impact will be tangible and quantifiable. In 2020, inbound marketing is a major piece of the online marketing puzzle.

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