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How digital tech has disrupted the sports betting industry

The continuous growth in smartphones across the world has resulted in advancements in digital technology for the sports betting industry.

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With mobile gambling contributing close to 1/3 of all the money that is bet at the global level, it cannot be denied that digital technology has completely transformed the sports betting industry at the global level. It is estimated that by the year 2020, digital technology will facilitate over half of the entire sports betting on the Internet.

The proactive approach of the sports betting industry has always been evident in how it has made the best use of evolving digital technologies to improve its operations. All thanks to digital technologies, today, along with the reputed off-line sportsbooks in gambling destinations like Vegas, you have a good number of Las Vegas sports betting operations running on the Internet as well.

In fact, Internet-based sports betting has grown significantly year after year since 1996, changing people’s perception of the industry itself, making it more of a mainstream leisure activity today.

Initial days of the digital betting industry

In its initial days, only bingo and poker transitioned to the online environment, as they were both easy to replicate on the Internet, owing to their already existing popularity in the off-line world. Internet-enabled easy availability of both these games 24 hours a day, encouraging play at very low stakes or at zero cost, thus acquiring a lot of new players.

Focus on security has helped acquire a lot of new clients

Later on, with broadband becoming more widespread and reliable, sports betting industry was able to launch a high-level casino type of experiences for its clients. As was the case with every industry that took its operations to the Internet, it was gaining the people’s trust that was of paramount importance to this industry too.

That’s the reason why sports betting companies have always been very careful about the security of their portals, and invest heavily into it. Considering the growing awareness about the importance given to security aspect by the sports betting operators, more and more people feel confident of betting on the Internet today. With blockchain technology offering an even higher level of security in online transactions, more and more people will feel confident about betting on the internet in the near future.

Mobile betting

Mobile phone revolution has played a significant role in bringing sports betting into many more living rooms of the world. With the advent of mobile technology, almost every aspect of this industry got disrupted, right from in-play sports betting to casual slots, as anyone and everyone could play at any time of the day/night, and bet on sports events in any part of the world. Add to that the continuous technological advancements in the smartphones and how they enable easy internet connectivity at all times, it’s pretty clear why the sports betting industry is growing so much.

Betting through mobile devices has doubled every year since 2011, and it’s a global trend, with Eastern Europe and South American countries growing at the maximum pace.

As mentioned above, the continuous growth in smartphone users across the world has also resulted in modifications and advancements in digital technology for the sports betting industry. Nowadays, rather than using a desktop/laptop to place your bets, you can easily wager money through mobile devices, using all kinds of payment methods.

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