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How do online slot games work?

So, with the popularity of slots no longer in doubt, the question is how do they work?

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The glitz and glamour of online casinos are pushing the boundaries of entertainment further than ever before with live casino games, interaction and now even social sports betting becoming the new norm.

However, behind every online casino is the main breadwinner, the ‘go-to’ games and that is traditionally the supremely popular slot games. 

In order to get players involved with slots, online casinos will invariably offer bonuses to players to try out their games. These are well worth taking advantage of especially the Book of Ra bonuses which can be rather generous to a seasoned player or someone looking to test the water. 

So, with the popularity of slots no longer in doubt, the question is how do they work?

The Random Number Generator

Every slot machine uses something known as the Random Number Generator

There are many different types of RNG’s (as we will call them here) but the ones mainly used by brick and mortar and online casinos are known as pseudo-random number generators.

They work based on random numbers calculated via a complicated algorithm in which ‘Seed’ numbers are produced every millisecond and is done by taking the last number (or two numbers) then using a mathematical equation such as plus, minus, division, multiply to come up with a totally new outcome. 

The pseudo-RNG’s casinos use are very clever in so much as they do not need numbers or data inputted to them, just the seed numbers and algorithms to operate. 

This is good for the player as it means you can literally win on any spin.

How do RNG’s work on the reels?

As we know, online slot games feature multiple reels which in itself throws up many more win possibilities due to the numerous potential winning lines. 

The RNG’s assign each symbol on a reel a value and once those reel’s match up, you would get paid up according to the value chart of the game you are playing. 

Can RNG’s be beaten?

In theory yes, in reality it is more likely to appear as a movie in Hollywood staring the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. 

RNG’s are complicated matters and online casinos are regulated by third party companies to take evaluations to ensure online slot and land-based slot games are fair to the players on a regular occurrence. 

Other evaluations regularly take place too with game and mathematics evaluations, ongoing RNG pay-out verification checks, and lottery system evaluations are designed to allow you to play at online casinos with the utmost confidence that you are being and playing fairly.

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