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How do sportsbooks generate their betting odds?

So, how do sportsbooks generate their betting odds? Let’s take a look at how the odds are created before showing up on your favorite online sportsbook.

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Since the advent of online sportsbooks and their rise over the last 20 years, the way in which bookmakers generate their odds have changed drastically. At one time, sportsbooks odds were generated by shady looking men in visors that poured over sports news 24/7.

Now, online sportsbooks – and the few brick and mortar shops still out there – create their betting lines using advanced algorithms and software. While it sounds simple, it is still a complex system that bookies use to offer you game lines and markets for sports events.

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So, how do sportsbooks generate their betting odds? Let’s take a look at how the odds are created before showing up on your favorite online sportsbook.

Determining odds

When a sportsbook creates its odds, it does so to attract an equal number of bettors on each side. Just because a football team has long odds to win a match, it doesn’t mean punters won’t wager on it. For example, Manchester United may be favorites to defeat Everton and the odds may belong on the Toffees to win the match, but there are plenty of punters who will back Everton to win regardless.

Those longer odds will attract plenty of bettors and hopefully, for a sportsbook, an equal amount of money will be bet on both teams. Premier League bettors are anticipating the return of the league and the race for the top four.

Machine over man

In days of old, sportsbooks hired individual people to create odds. That technique has changed due to the advancement of software and companies that create odds for sportsbooks. Many leading sportsbooks do not create the betting odds themselves. Instead, they outsource the work to companies who develop software and crunch the numbers to create betting odds.

Therefore, some of the online bookies you visit will have the same or similar odds to other sportsbooks. Of course, these odds can change due to the amount of action a sportsbook receives. Bookmakers that pay third-party companies to generate odds simply facilitate betting and limit the amount of work they actually must do. 

Copying success

There are a handful of very successful sportsbooks including William Hill and Ladbrokes-Coral. These major movers and shakers in sports betting may hire in-house people to create betting odds. Their size and revenue mean they can hire individuals to run their odds creating sectors although outsourcing the work is a possibility.

There are other lesser-known sportsbooks that simply copy the more successful bookmakers. These smaller bookies attempt to save money and time by taking the odds posted elsewhere and using them too. In some cases, the sportsbooks could tweak their odds slightly to make them appear unique. Making the odds unique is key as it is the betting odds’ attractiveness that lures punters. 

Despite more reliance than ever on computers and software, sportsbooks still hire individuals strong in stats and maths. These individuals are the backbone of betting companies and enable computers to do their work. 

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