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How Drip Creationz leverages technology in its online shop to boost sales

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way people shop for their favorite products.


Did you know that millennial and Gen Z shoppers account for more than $200 billion in online sales? This staggering number highlights the need for online retailers to learn about these two generations as they have clearly embraced and pioneered many of the online shopping trends we see today. Here are more stats about the shopping habits of the younger generation:

  • 53% of millennial and Gen Z ladies prefer shopping from their mobile devices
  • 64% of shoppers from these generations either choose or avoid brands that match their stand on social issues
  • 49% of millennial ladies and 61% of Gen Z ladies struggle taking breaks from technology
  • 86% want brands to voice out their opinion on social issues

Frankie Quiroz stays on top of these statistics and ensures that they’re factored into his marketing efforts. In fact, he attributes much of his success to learning about the behavior of millennials and Gen Z consumers. After working with several brands and finding success in his own, Tuned in Tokyo, he teamed up with Ilene Arellano and Brian Porter to build Drip Creationz, a fashion brand specializing in handmade custom shoes and apparel. Aside from creating high-quality products, Frankie and his team have incorporated the latest in technology in their online store to generate more customers and increase sales.

A keen focus on mobile-friendliness

Millennials and Gen Z shoppers prefer using their mobile phones when shopping online instead of laptops or desktop computers. The most common reason they cite is the ease with which they can access their favorite online stores, choose products, and pay for them with minimal fuss. Drip Creationz has an online store that focuses on providing a user-friendly experience, both for mobile and desktop users. Frankie explains that this has been a priority for their brand since day one, as they know that most of their traffic would come from mobile devices.

Express and secure checkout

Despite being tech-savvy, millennials and Gen Z consumers still worry about making payments online. They take the time to learn about how to make secure transactions, especially where their credit cards are involved. Drip Creationz wants to erase these concerns from the minds of its customers, so they offer a fast and secure payment facility.

Encryption technology is used to protect the private information of customers. The company also uses modern payment gateways with anti-fraud measures, which allows customers to use different modes of payment, such as credit cards, mobile wallets, and wire transfers, all while ensuring that sensitive information isn’t compromised. They also make the entire process more straightforward instead of redirecting users to several pages before being able to reach checkout.

Shopping in-store as a social experience

Despite being bombarded by tons of digital content, it’s interesting to note that both generations still crave visiting physical stores. While technology drives their shopping experience, they continue to look for the instant gratification of getting what they want right after paying for it. This much is realized by Drip Creationz. According to Frank Quiroz, they have found success by aligning their online presence with that of their brick and mortar stores, ensuring that their online customers get that familiar shopping experience.

The bottom line is that brands can leverage their social media presence to generate more in-store visits. And the fact that millennials and Gen Z are much more willing to leave comments and reviews creates opportunities for turning them into unofficial brand advocates. They want to feel involved, and letting them enjoy that feeling can hold the key to compelling their friends to buy the same products.

Drip Creationz takes advantage of this by encouraging customers to submit photos of their products. This kind of user-generated content has driven its social media reach while serving as product reviews at the same time.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way people shop for their favorite products. Drip Creationz is a prime example of how to make the most of this shift in consumer behavior, choosing to adopt the latest in technology instead of sticking to traditional marketing approaches. And with millennial and Gen Z users continuing to serve as their brand ambassadors, they are able to enjoy an organic growth in their social media following, helping them expand their reach and increase market share.

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