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How embedding videos can make you a better blogger

You can now gain an edge over your competitors by embedding videos in your blogs and providing visitors with more reasons to stay on your site.

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How can you make your blog look different? Some will say you should be more creative with your writing skills, including infographics, or use a unique domain name. Sure, these techniques work. But there’s a simple trick that can take your blog to the next level. And that involves embedding videos. Creating engaging videos and adding them to your blogs can make your written content stand out from your competitors. 

Embedding videos in blog posts

Blog posts become more engaging and dynamic when you embed videos in them. These posts would generate increased viewership and more inbound links than traditional posts containing nothing but text. Here are a couple of steps to help you embed videos in your blogs:

  • Click the share button of the video that you want to embed in your blog. 
  • Next, click on Embed. Copy the code that appears on your screen. Paste this code in the area where you want to display the video. 
  • Publish the blog. You will see the embedded video in your blog post.

Supporting how-to posts

Suppose you are writing a blog about how to clean your air conditioner. You also have an in-depth video about the same topic on your YouTube channel. Use this opportunity to embed the tape in your blog. This will have two benefits: your viewers will play the video while reading the blog. Secondly, your video will also get more views. 

How-to posts are informative. They talk about various steps and techniques that you need to follow to achieve a goal. But there’s a big difference between reading and watching a video. A video is more direct. Does that mean you should stop writing how-to blogs? No. Embedding blogs for different steps in your how-to blog can make your audience understand what you are writing about. 

Sometimes your blog may contain jargons that your audience needs clarification about. A side-by-side video will ensure that the same audience quickly understands the terminology and follows the message you are trying to convey.

In the same vein, written tutorials with images may not be practical at all times. You need to customize your blog and add videos instead. Take a step back and learn about building a personalized blog from scratch. You can check The Blog Starter to get a few ideas for customizing your blog and making it look more attractive with images and videos. From logging in and selecting a domain name to place your video’s embedded link, you can learn everything from The Blog Starter. Once you embed videos in your blog, your viewers can get a complete grasp of the topic you want to talk about.

This innovative tactic works for virtually all industries. If you are a fashion blogger and want to share a few tips on sewing clothes properly within a few minutes, you can write an informative blog and show the video techniques. Your viewers would be able to refer to the video while reading your blog. They can even check the video while following the methods at home. 

Summarizing your blogs

Sometimes, your viewers may not have the time to go through a lengthy blog. They would prefer something shorter or a quick view of the points that you cover in your blog post. A video can summarize your blog within a couple of minutes. You will often notice that many blogs mention an average reading time in the beginning. Suppose your blog post takes 6 minutes to read. But your viewer doesn’t want to spend 6 minutes reading the entire article. 

Instead of letting the viewer switch to a different blog, you can hold his attention by providing a video. It can mention everything that you cover in your blog in a couple of minutes. That doesn’t mean embedding videos reduces the importance of your blog posts. Consider it as a tool that increases your blog’s engagement rate. 

Another excellent way to make your blog engaging is by asking the audience to know more about the topic by clicking on the video. For example, you talk about cryptocurrency trading trends in your article, but you intentionally skip the trading techniques. You mention it once in your blog and say that if the viewers want to know about the best trading techniques, they can watch the video to learn more. You can summarize what you said in your blog and pick up from the part where you talk about trading tips in the video. 

Sharing video reviews

This may seem like a marketing strategy for online companies, but it also works like magic for blogs. However, you need to encourage your followers to share their videos. It’s easy to write a video and post it in the comment section. But your audience will need more encouragement than “please like, share, and comment” to post a video review. 

Many people are camera-shy and may not want to do it in the first place. But you can entice your followers with exciting gifts. Tell them that lucky winners will get a special prize from you if they post a video review. It will increase your reader’s enthusiasm to post the review after going through your blog.

Once you receive a few reviews, embed them in your blog post. This is an excellent tactic for those who write blog posts about affiliate marketing. If you are writing about a specific company, you can ask its users to send reviews of the products they like and why they think the company is doing a great job. This will support your blog when you write positive things about the company. It will also provide an assurance to the readers about the affiliate company. 

Blogging is a competitive field. New bloggers are surfacing into the scene and providing something new that makes their blogs stand out every day. It’s this innovative thinking that makes this field so unique. You can now gain an edge over your competitors by embedding videos in your blogs and providing visitors with more reasons to stay on your site. It will keep your audience engaged and make them want to follow your blog regularly.

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