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How ex-military Nestor Castro became a success in the e-commerce world

Nestor’s approach is mainly focused on transforming the mentality of society, building with leadership and appropriate advice

nestor castro

The administration and management of finances is a subject that is becoming increasingly complex. Above all. In a world where it is increasingly evident that money is spent as easily as it is earned. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs and e-commerce experts such as Nestor Castro recognize the importance and need to promote financial education as a fundamental element in people’s lives, even more between the young.

Before achieving his success as an e-commerce expert, Nestor had several facets, all linked to the security forces. Initially, he joined the U.S. military, and for 12 years he served his country. He spent 12 months in Afghanistan in combat.

When he returned to his civilian life, he assures that one of the most complex aspects of his adaptation process was the management of his finances adequately, at that time he did not recognize the relevance of this issue. He later joined the police force. And five years later, now retired, he considered that it was time to take new paths, focusing his attention on new technologies.

He was willing to combat aspects such as financial illiteracy, which often leads to bad decisions in this area and possibly affects people’s well-being. Nestor combined his leadership skills, the discipline provided by his military life, and his knowledge of e-commerce to move forward in promoting tools for financial education.

Attempts that Lead to Success

After several experiences, learning, and mistakes made trying to prosper in the digital world, Nestor found the perfect spot that would lead him to become an e-commerce expert, the Dropshipping model. After seeing the effectiveness of his processes bear impressive fruits, to the point of reaching six-figure income online, he decided to go for more and created Dropship Tribe.

This agency helps people who decide to embark on e-commerce by providing all the tools and guidance they need to do so. However, that’s not all. To continue his vocation of service, Nestor set out to educate young people on the most important subject: financial education.

As his daughter, the main motivation of this ex-military man to take this step, Nestor highlights the need to educate young people about the value of money and how taking control of their financial resources in the right way can guarantee that they become successful people in the future.

He assures that as young people begin this journey early, they will be more likely to explore all the possible options the digital environment has to offer on this subject, more room for error and more possibilities to correct, reinvent and renew.

More Knowledge = More Success

For Nestor, as young people have the chance to learn about financial education, they will more easily move towards empowerment and mentality, opening up a world of opportunity for progressive success. Working for their dreams and investing time, dedication, and effort into them. 

This is why he relies on his mentoring as an empowering and innovative element, ranging from a transformation to a leadership mindset, making it seem that nothing is impossible, to getting the youth to take control of their finances properly.

Looking to the Future

Although this is an existing fact, the ex-military and e-commerce expert says that financial education and leadership is a basic formula to achieve a positive impact on society. And so, promote better financial management for the future.

Also, he says that new trends make it more urgent for people to recognize the importance of financial education and to learn about it.

In this context, Nestor’s approach is mainly focused on transforming the mentality of society, building with leadership and appropriate advice, a conscience of success, based on each person, especially young people, having the possibility to achieve their purposes by managing resources in the right way.        

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