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How experiential VR is poised to disrupt the gaming industry with AEXLAB at the helm

The promise of explosive growth keeps them going, as VR is already considered to be a multibillion dollar global market.

Image: Cas and Chary VR (YouTube)

Picture this: it’s another Friday night, and you’re ready to lose yourself in a good game of Call of Duty – one of your favorite pastimes. Only this time, it isn’t just you sitting in front of the TV or computer console with your headset and controller. It’s you inside the game. There’s no real separation between the game that already has your full attention and where your senses believe that you are.

This experiential aspect has been achieved through a set of virtual reality goggles – when you put them on, your living room immediately changes to the world inside of your video game, and you are truly and totally transported to the battlefield. Imagine the thrill.

It’s 2021, and this fantasy isn’t just for the science fiction movies anymore. In fact, it’s no longer a fantasy, thanks to AEXLAB. This technology company was founded by Albert Ovadia, Elizabeth Ann Clark, two avid gamers who believed that gaming could be knocked up a notch – to a fully social and interactive experience. While the lab itself has been in business since 2015, its list of experiential offerings has only grown, and now, they’re taking on an online multiplayer VR game geared toward competitive esports.

Interactive Online-Multiplayer and Esports

“I’ve been a gamer for all of my life, and I’ve noticed that the main component missing from the gaming experience was the ability to be present,” explained Clark. In her opinion, the extent to which a game can be immersive is what makes a game, which presents a powerful opportunity.

“This is especially true for competitive games. We put in extra time and detail to get these interactive components right, from handling all the different weapons and attachments to truly feeling like you’re an intrinsic part of the game,” Clark revealed.

AEXLAB’s proprietary licensable systems include solutions for haptics, audio spatialization, firearm simulation, virtual reality human interfaces, and real-time social and gaming networking technology, with real life impacts. “We imagine that these technologies can and will go beyond gaming, and can be leveraged for industries such as simulation and training,” Clark added.

In addition to this aspect, AEXLAB is forging a path for more interactive esports, too. Their upcoming VAIL franchise has already attracted 300+ professional esports players, promising an experience unlike any other – all from the comfort of your home.

The Year for VR

This ability to be more ‘present’ than ever within a truly immersive VR experience comes on the heels of a year in which we’ve felt incredibly separated, which is why there’s never been a better time to enter the market. The move to ‘remote’ has increased globalization, and our ability to ‘be’ with others from a technological standpoint. Zoom meetings, virtual conferences, and social media are all proof of this. Presence is continuously becoming more ambiguous to define. 

The excitement for these new technologies is palpable, as we are all more experience-hungry than ever. AEXLAB has already raised more than $800,000 on StartEngine in less than a month, and the vision of what this technology will bring has sustained the team. 

“We see these cybernetic nights as the new norm for individuals under 35,” explained Clark. “We’ve been crafting these experiences as inherently social, in which you can enter an alternate reality while also deepening connections with friends and meeting new people, all from the comfort of your home.” The community aspect is particularly important to the AEXLAB team, which has spurred the creation of their Discord community. 

AEXLAB Prioritizing Solutions and Leading the Way

The team is the first to admit that VR as an industry has a long way to go. “We see the biggest bottleneck for virtual reality is the actual content,” noted Ovadia. “We have centered much of our problem-solving around this, because we have the technology and need to bridge that with the actual experiences.” 

The lack of content has also created a compelling opportunity. “Virtual reality doesn’t have a real market leader in the area of shooting games for esports,” shared Ovadia. “We see this as where AEXLAB and VAIL can thrive.”

They also noted that they’ve seen how VR hardware has radically outpaced VR software, and just how much console games are lacking the social component that so many are yearning for. “We aren’t just creating experiences we want. We’re creating solutions to the most immediate problems within VR and the gaming industry at large.” 

The promise of explosive growth keeps them going, as VR is already considered to be a multibillion-dollar global market. With the increase in technology, there will be an increase in gamers too – an expected rise to surpass 3 billion gamers worldwide by 2023, according to a trends report from Newszoo previously published in 2020.

And at the helm of it all is AEXLAB, creating community and experiential aspects, which will forever redefine what it means to spend a night in with a good game.

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