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How FirstBlood Technologies is revolutionizing gaming

Ever since its launch in 2018, FirstBlood technologies has been pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities in the gaming space.

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Video gaming has been an exciting part of our lives ever since the first video games such as Tennis or Two and Tic Tac Toe came into existence. From there, the gaming industry has grown into a mega-industry as its market value is set to reach $256.87B by 2025. 

As a project aiming to innovate the gaming industry, FirstBlood will not only add to the success of this industry but also restructure it entirely. By embedding real monetary benefits into the game itself, FirstBlood aims to make gaming more immersive and worthwhile for gamers across the globe. 

What is FirstBlood? 

FirstBlood is the world’s first competitive gaming platform that integrates blockchain. It aims to take gaming to the next level by incentivizing gamers for participating in competitive gaming on their platform. The underlying technology and their in-house Dawn Protocol make it convenient for gamers to challenge each other and earn rewards in the form of cash, gift cards, ERC-20 tokens (DAI/USDT/DAWN), and maybe even NFTs’. DAWN is the native token of FirstBlood that can be used by developers as a rewards/payment system in the games they develop. 

The platform is steadily gaining popularity, and it already has over 150,000 active monthly users. More recently, FirstBlood has partnered with Polygon to conduct new and exciting gaming tournaments for gamers. 

Now, FirstBlood Technologies is creating an empowerment ecosystem for gamers and developers to help them build their careers in the competitive gaming space. 

FirstBlood’s Empowerment Ecosystem

FirstBlood’s Empowerment Ecosystem is a launchpad for everyone who wants to make a career in the online gaming and esports industry. From gamers and creators to developers this platform aims to empower and bring together all the players in the gaming industry. 

The project aims to conduct regular championship leagues through its partners like Slayout and also host seasonal circuits and daily events for players of all skill levels. Other partners like the top Call of Duty Warzone players HusKerrs and Aydan and Rainbow Six Siege influencer King George will also become an “invaluable extension of FirstBlood.”

Emily Peel, Director of Business Development at FirstBlood, says, “We are extremely excited to announce these partnerships and our vision for esports. There are a lot of talented players out there with limited resources and no clear path to succeed in gaming. We at FirstBlood want to provide those with the passion and commitment for a competitive career the opportunities to achieve it.”

Since its launch in 2018, FirstBlood has reached over 150,000 monthly active users and shared over $500,000 as rewards to gamers. The end goal is to allow rookies, amateurs, semi-pros, and pros to be able to reap maximum benefits from the time they spend gaming.

“The FirstBlood empowerment ecosystem is our vision for the future of FirstBlood. Competitive gaming and esports are incredibly fragmented across platforms, apps, websites, and more. Our goal is to create a cohesive home where everyone who wants to get on the competitive highway has an onramp available to them,” says Trey Christensen, VP of Growth, FirstBlood Technologies. 

FirstBlood’s Impact On Gaming Industry 

FirstBlood has spent years working on its vision to empower the gaming community and make gaming more rewarding for the players. Now, the platform is ready to take things to the next level with the FirstBlood empowerment ecosystem. Here’s how it can positively impact the industry and create new opportunities for contributors.

1. The empowerment ecosystem brings together all the fragments of the gaming industry and creates a safe space for both developers and gamers where games can be launched and played in an entirely secure system. 

2. By partnering with some of the most renowned names in the industry, the empowerment ecosystem can boost mainstream adoption of incentivized gaming and create more demand for such games. 

3. The platform empowers new creators, gamers, and developers by conducting amateur leagues. They could gain some much-needed popularity and build an audience base for themselves. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since its launch in 2018, FirstBlood technologies has been pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities in the gaming space. Through its innovative initiatives and partnerships, it has managed to garner the attention of gamers and developers around the world. Now, with its empowerment ecosystem, FirstBlood Technologies could be the center around which the new era of gaming thrives.  

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