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How important is good mobile user experience for your business?

Navigation, speed, and usability are just some factors that play a critical part in developing a good user experience.

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Now that many adults around the world are spending over three hours on their phones every day, a bad mobile experience can really have a big impact on them. When running a business, poor mobile user experience can lead to negative engagement and lower customer loyalty which can have a significant effect on your brand. Whether businesses are creating a mobile app for ecommerce, for news feeds, or for new games, it’s crucial in today’s competitive business industry that customers have a good mobile experience on their devices. 

For mobile games, whether they are puzzle games or online slot games, it’s crucial for businesses to understand some important game design UX best practices. For example, putting important aspects and information in the reachable ‘comfort-to-reach’ areas of a device screen, rather than the harder to reach ones, can help facilitate positive experiences. It can be useful for revenue to also put elements in these areas that lead to monetisation, such as a store button. 

UX can impact your business, brand, and future success

When users have a great experience with a brand they are likely to tell others about it. The same goes for when they have a bad experience too. Now that social media discussions are wide-ranging, this means that news of positive and negative experiences with a company or brand can spread much faster online.  

For gaming, positive user experience is crucial for getting more people to play the game. If players struggle too much with a game or a game app then they are less likely to return to it or recommend it to someone else in the future. Netsolutions highlights that user experience design (UX) for iOS and Android is a crucial factor in the app-building process. In many ways good UX can build value for a business, build customer loyalty, and save both time and money.  

In the iGaming industry, good UX on mobile is also important for online casinos to deliver high-quality slots and instant win games that people want to play. For example, William Hill has a variety of William Hill Games on their website and on their mobile app. Having a good user experience on both a website and mobile is important so that businesses can deliver the best service for their customers. When mobile developers like King Digital Entertainment, Niantic, and Supercell create such big reputations with their hugely popular games, it’s useful for competitors to assess what these companies are doing right.

Customer reviews can affect both your current and future business

A positive user experience of course helps to enhance customer satisfaction and also enables a good return on investment. It contributes significantly to a business’s success today as no customer wants to deal with a business, app, website, or game that has a poor one when there are other better ones out there. 

With gaming, primarily through customer reviews, companies and developers are able to determine what works for the players and what doesn’t. Companies can act on this feedback and make changes for the future through app updates to make the product better for customers. Bad reviews can significantly impact your business. The critical point is to ensure that you meet your users’ needs with accessibility as a key component. 

Navigation, speed, and usability are just some factors that play a critical part in developing a good user experience. When customers are buying items on a mobile app, such as shoes from Asos or a pizza from Domino’s, a quick and hassle-free ordering process is what customers now demand.

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