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How instagram can impact your business, like in a good way

Here are four reasons why it is important for business owners to have their business on The Gram.

instagram for business

Is your business ready for “The Gram”? Providing an encompassing answering this question tagline into 2019 and beyond will determine the success of both established and upcoming business.

Facebook is prettier, fast growing, and younger competitor has taken the social media space by a storm since its inception. The increased shift towards the use of mobile and smarter phones by the vast majority of younger people who prefer the glitz and glamour the photo-sharing app has to offer has aided its tremendous growth.

However, Instagram is not all paparazzi. Its evolution has seen it become an important tool for well-informed business owners in this tech-savvy 21st Century. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for business owners seeking to get the word out and expand their business by promoting product visibility. Business owners shying away from harnessing this powerful tool are doing a great disservice to their business.

Below are four reasons why it is important for business owners to have their business on The Gram.

Competitor Analysis and Gaining Marketing Insights

Since there are no barriers to signing up and promoting a business on the Instagram platform, new and existing business can tap into this offer to showcase their business. The beauty of this approach is that intending business can study the timeline of existing business and gain insights on what works and keep them afloat.

Researching competitors through Instagram insights allows intending business owners to design effective strategies aimed at capturing a share of the market from existing competitors. Apart from competitors, businesses can gain insights from what works well in other niches and employ such strategies to boost their sales.

Also, business owners can reach out to other businesses that sell complementary goods for collaborative efforts. The insight gained this way can open up a whole world of opportunities to business owners across geographical locations and niches.

Find and Connect With Customers

Recent global estimated figures show that Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users with an estimated 500 million users actively interacting daily with the app. Having an app with this wide, diverse, and far-reaching usage makes finding and connecting with customers easy. With the many active users, businesses can outline and design effective business strategies to capture a sizable number of eyeballs to their business.

Sell Your Products

With the high number of active users and valuable insights that deducible from the platform, crafting effective sales strategies has become easy. Recent reports comparing user engagement on Facebook and Instagram shows Instagram users engage 58 times on the platform that Facebook user. An Instagram business account also offers similar benefit derivable from Facebook, where business owners can pay using Ads to promote their business.

Instagram Ads can be used to promote businesses in several ways by segmenting the market based on gender, sex, age, location, or interests.

In some cases, businesses can use a combination of two or more criteria to achieve the desired outcome. Understanding Ads usage can help businesses achieve their marketing goals when used appropriately in the strategies.  

Effectively Engage With Customers

Business owners can easily and effectively engage with their customers and attend to inquiries immediately. Having good public relations with intending customers can effectively convert them into paying customers.

Also, Instagram can help in spreading the good news about a business faster than the traditional media. Also, in the case of negative reviews, issues mentioned can be nipped in the bud before they escalate or become viral.

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