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How local companies in a city like Houston use signage to differentiate their brand

How you display your shop on the outside and inside plays a big part in attracting customers.

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Advertising is a key factor in promoting and marketing your business. There are different methods of advertising that you can use to get much-needed exposure for your company. These methods include but are not limited to signs, banners, and posters that you put up at different places including your shop.

Outdoor and business signs are key especially useful for a brick and mortar store, where potential clients are attracted by what they see. How you display your shop on the outside and inside plays a big part in attracting customers. Here is how local companies make use of these signs to different.

1. By using colors

Colors play a major role in signage. You should identify the colors that clients associate with your business. Choose colors that resonate with your business and the products you are selling, and emphasize this on your signage.

Every time people see these colors, your business comes to mind. Using colors in a way that creates mental images in the public sets your business apart from the rest and pulls more potential clients. 

2. By placing signage at strategic places

Another way businesses in Houston are setting themselves apart is placing signage at strategic places. You find posters and other signage at football pitches, cinemas, and train stations. These are areas that receive high populations daily. Your posters get seen by a large number of people expanding your selling opportunities.

3. Using the right content

Putting up posters with just company logos will not work. In Houston, local companies do it differently. They will not just place a logo and leave it at that. They used very creative content that grabs their audiences’ attention.

When you do this, you influence these potential clients to think long enough about your business. Avoid being generic by just placing an informational message. You will find very creative messages that will encourage you to visit most of the stores in Houston.

4. Branding

You need to be very creative to draw attention from the public. With their busy schedules, most people would fail to notice your signage if it has nothing captivating on it. Posters in Houston enhance a company’s brand and image. Most are placed and incorporated in very creative ways. They are not attractive but are a form of art in this beautiful city.

5. Designing the posters creatively

The design of your poster is a significant factor in whether you will attract potential clients to your business establishment. Use a mixture of contrasting colors, but those that resonate with your logo and brand. Using plain and neutral colors will not attract as much as you would want it.

The graphics and patterns should be in such a manner that they are visible and legible. Posters in Houston are usually displayed in large and bright colors with nice graphics. At night, the city comes alive with the LED displays on large billboards making them unique from other cities. 

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