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How modern technology changes the online dating industry

What modern technological solutions are today a part of popular dating services?

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The general statistics of divorce is quite sad – about 50% of marriages break up sooner or later. At the same time, only 4% of people who meet online diverge.

The reason for this is very technological – dating services continuously process all data about users, on the basis of which effective algorithms are developed. This helps to create perfectly compatible couples. What modern technological solutions are today a part of popular dating services? And what should you take into account when creating a profile on a dating site?

Fact #1 – Tinder & Its Smart Algorithms

The simplest and most popular dating app is by far Tinder. It has a rather interesting matching algorithm. At first, the system offers random profiles and looks at what you like, then it starts to offer “users” that are more suitable for your preferences. Based on your “swipes” and “matches” within the system, you are assigned the status that you need to improve the algorithm for selecting profiles.

The application has minimal functionality, which many users eventually began to complain about. After that, the developers decided to set a limit: a maximum of 200 likes per day, and a classification algorithm was created. It collects and systematizes data about users and their actions. The main innovation was that the system for the most part began to offer people to each other according to their internal status. The developers have created an innovative solution, which works not only for Vietnam escort from  but for people from around the globe.

Fact #2 – Twin System

The developers of the Badoo dating app have come up with a feature like matching doubles. This system was tested on photos of celebrities, and now you can look for a clone of any person. The algorithm analyzes photos, facial features, and body type. Based on these data, it finds similar people among more than 335 million of its users.

Fact #3 – Every Byte of Information Is Important

We cannot even imagine how much information is stored on the network, especially given the trend of the rapid development of blockchain technology. The CEO of eHarmony dating service Grant Langston says that over the years, the service has collected a huge amount of information about users, ranging from their location to behavioral and psychological habits. By the way, practically all the technology around us collects data on our activity – periods of wakefulness and rest, the rhythm of life, etc.

Fact #4 – Advertising on a Dating Service

A curious experiment has been recently conducted in Tinder. The Procter & Gamble company wanted to advertise its Gillette product on Tinder. Around 100 thousand volunteers 20-25 years old were selected. All of them have put a photo of themselves with a beard as their main profile pic for a week and have changed it for a photo of smooth-shaven themselves in a week.

Surprisingly, the number of likes for two photos increased by almost 20%. Gillette used this data to create a successful advertising campaign in the future. As you can see, online dating sites can become effective platforms for advertising and data collection.

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