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How much does a vape pen cost?

We’ll discuss common pricing for vape pens below and how pricing can vary depending on what the device is designed to vape

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Many people find themselves interested in vaping but are at a loss for how much a vape pen costs. If you shop online or go into a local vape store, you’ll find that prices vary significantly between brands and models of devices.

We’ll discuss common pricing for vape pens below and how pricing can vary depending on what the device is designed to vape. By the end, you’ll have a solid idea of pricing to expect on the most popular designs of vape pens!

How Much Does a Wax Vape Pen Cost?

Wax vape pens, also known as dab pens, can be very budget-friendly or very high-end. Their construction is simple, like oil vape pens, and they don’t have any particularly expensive components like dry herb vapes do.

While their initial cost won’t be a shock, you need to consider ongoing maintenance costs when considering buying and using a wax vape pen. The wax concentrate is placed directly onto the device’s heating coils, which means that the heating coils will need to be replaced semi-regularly.

Heating coils are also usually cost-friendly, but if you get a wax pen that doesn’t allow you to exchange those parts, you’re looking at needing to buy a brand new device much sooner than you would have anticipated.

How Much Does an Oil Vape Pen Cost?

Oil vape pens have the biggest range of pricing, and what they cost is largely dependent on the features they offer. Basic oil vape pens with no customizable features can cost as little as $5 to $10. However, you get what you pay for, which is a basic vaping experience with limited product options.

Super cheap oil vape pens often find savings in the kind of battery that is used. The lower quality of the battery is, the cheaper the vape pen tends to be. You will be sacrificing longevity for a budget price, though, as these budget pens tend to quickly lose their charge and general functioning.

On the higher end of the pricing, scale are box mods, powerful vape batteries designed to handle high-end vape tanks, and other power-hungry attachments. While you’ll pay at least $20  for a box mod, they often offer a higher-quality vaping experience than smaller vape pens.

How Much Does a Dry Herb Vape Pen Cost?

Dry herb vape pens tend to be more expensive than other vape pens. This is because they require a larger battery in order to provide power to the large convection heating chamber. The surface area of a heating chamber is quite large, so the battery heating it also needs to be large.

In general, dry herb vapes usually start around the $50 mark. However, high-end dry herb vape pens can easily be hundreds of dollars. Like oil vape pens, this depends on the features offered and the overall quality of the product.

Dry herb devices that offer precision heating, extra-large heating chambers, LED displays, and other luxury features will get costly very quickly. However, dry herb vapes tend to last a long time since they have few parts that wear out quickly.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Vape Pens the Most?

The following factors are what usually impact the cost of any vape pen you’re looking at. If you are trying to be budget-conscious, these are points you’ll need to be willing to compromise to get a device you can comfortably afford:


As we mentioned, the battery is the single most expensive component in a vape pen. The larger the battery, the higher the retail price will be. High-end vape pens tend to not only have high capacity batteries, but those batteries tend to be high-quality as well, which will push the price up further.

Precision Heating Features

Many vape pens allow degree-by-degree precision heating, while others have just a few preset temperature settings to choose from. Others have no heating features at all (some don’t even have power buttons!)

In general, the simpler the heating features are on a vape pen, the lower the cost tends to be.

Quality of Components

Some vape pens have higher-end components that help them to provide a superior experience. For example, wax vape pens can have dual or quad heat coils, which help them heat your wax concentrate more efficiently. Dry herb vape pens can have large heating chambers that are ceramically lined, both of which will increase the cost.

This also relates to the outside components as well. How well do the buttons work? Is the device primarily plastic or a high-grade metal? Is there a display screen, and if so, what kind of screen is it? What is the mouthpiece made from? All of these and more are factors that will influence the price of any given vape pen.

Vape Pen Cost Takeaway

There are a lot of factors that influence the price of a vape pen. If you are looking to choose a product that is easy on the wallet, it’s helpful to know which factors you can compromise and still have an enjoyable experience. For example, if you don’t plan on vaping while on the go, you likely don’t need a vape pen with a high-capacity battery. If you don’t smoke a lot of dry herb in one sitting, you don’t need to pay a premium for an extra-large heating chamber.

There’s no sense in spending money on features that you aren’t going to use and enjoy. Take time to consider the features that are most important for you, and then start shopping for a vape pen that both has those features and is close to your preferred price.

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