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How much storage is on the Nintendo Switch?

It’s not a lot, but you can expand it.

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The Nintendo Switch has had surprising success thanks to a growing library of unique first and third-party games plus the ability to take the console with you wherever you go.

Due to that portability, however, storage on the console works differently than on that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whereas those consoles can feature over 500GB of storage, the Switch does not have that luxury.

How much storage is on the Nintendo Switch?

  • Short Answer: 32GB, but it is expandable.

The Switch console features 32GB of internal storage. A small portion of that is dedicated to the system itself. With the Switch, 32GB goes a bit farther than other consoles, but still doesn’t allow for more than a handful of games to be downloaded to play later.

That’s where Nintendo’s use of external storage space through microSD cards comes into play

MicroSD cards on the Nintendo Switch

Thanks to the Switch’s external microSD slot, you can expand your storage past the system’s internal 32GB and increase it up to 2TB of storage.

Bigger Switch games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild take up 12-14GB of space. That means, depending on how many games you play, 2TB would probably be overkill.

Instead, a microSD card that features 64GB-128GB of storage is probably the sweet spot.

128GB of storage would allow you to download many larger titles and even some medium-sized games without the need to uninstall them to make room for newer games.

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There you have it! The Nintendo Switch features 32GB of onboard storage and up to 2TB of external storage.

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