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How online casinos use the newest tech

The casino industry has always been one of the drivers of innovation for gaming and this is why online casino games continue to improve over time.

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Technology is one of the biggest drivers behind online casinos. It was the advent of the internet that brought them into existence in the first place. Adding to that, the introduction of high-speed internet starting the move away from download only sites was also a big move forwards. It’s safe to say that online casinos and technology have always gone hand in hand. 

With this being said, it’s no surprise that online casinos have continued to use new technology to enhance the overall product that’s on offer. So, what are the newest enhancements that have seen the light of day recently, and what can we expect to see in the near future?


HTML 5 is probably the biggest enhancement to online casinos over the last few years. Most original online casino games were designed and created using Flash. However, there are a lot of limitations to Flash as well as it being quite a slow development environment. When HTML 5 was released it saw a whole new world available to online casino game developers. 

It allowed for a much faster development process combined with a lot more compatibility. HTML 5 can be used across pretty much any modern browser. This in turn meant that no longer did players have to worry about waiting for games to be converted to mobile, or the mobile version running extremely slow on mobile devices. HTML 5 would allow for streamlined versions of games as well as mobile and desktop versions being released at the same time. 

While it might not be as big a deal as some of the hardware releases that have shaped the industry, HTML 5 is probably the single biggest enhancement since the introduction of high-speed internet. 

Live Streaming

Live video streaming isn’t just Netflix. It’s actually been embraced by the online casino world. Live dealer casino games use live streaming technology to an extremely effective level. It means that players are able to fully immerse themselves within the game. The way that it works is that a live video feed of a dealer carrying out a casino game is fed back to the player. There will then be software that allows the player to give instructions to the dealer in order to play the game. The game is then carried out by the live dealer, so the software doesn’t simulate the casino game like with other online casino titles. 

This gives an experience that is very close to visiting an actual casino. The only real difference is that players can visit without having to leave their homes. This wasn’t really an option for players until high-speed internet was widespread. This was because streaming live video over a slow internet connection would lead to a lot of issues with the quality of the video. This in turn could lead to problems when playing the game. 

Live dealer games are some of the most popular at online casinos now, with brand new games being developed all of the time. There are even games that behave like game shows in the modern world, which means that online casino players have more choice than ever before. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are two of the biggest technological advancements in recent times. Both of these are expected to play a big part in the future of gaming. AR has already had a big success with Pokemon Go and the Oculus company is making big strides in VR. So how can they be integrated into the online casino world?

Well, there are already some rudimentary VR games that have been developed for some online casinos. The aim is to create a completely virtual casino in the future, which will use a mixture of VR and AR, as well as live casino technology, to give players access to a complete casino experience through their computer. While developers still haven’t fully got to grips with the technology yet, it’s only a matter of time before there are enough VR users to make this an important development. 

Consistent Innovations in Gaming

This is one that regularly gets ignored. Because innovation is more of constant evolution, players don’t tend to notice the small incremental improvements that take place. However, if you were to play one of the first online casino games when compared to the latest releases, the difference in quality would be obvious. 

Because software developers have dedicated themselves to creating new features and constantly driving the industry forwards, it has led to better and better games over the years. This is something that will continue to be carried out across the lifespan of the gaming industry. Because developers are always striving for improvements, games will keep getting better over time.

The casino industry has always been one of the drivers of innovation for gaming and this is why online casino games continue to improve over time. Developers know that players always want improved games, so there will always be new features and improved games released to the market. 

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