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How Shane L. Waters designs social change with investigative journalism

Shane L. Waters is a podcaster, investigative journalist, actor, and entrepreneur who has paved the way for those who cannot speak for themselves.

shane l waters

“The norms were created by somebody, and each of us is somebody. We can make our own normal.” ― Glennon Doyle

The world can change by taking a single step, and letting the hard work accumulate till there is a massive outcome is key. Shane L. Waters is a podcaster, investigative journalist, actor, and entrepreneur who has paved the way for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Waters has used his platforms to assist individuals who want to express themselves but lack the resources. Waters is the founder of Arc Light Media, which produces podcasts on homicide and gruesome murders based on true stories.

Arc Light Media also produces podcasts on history and paranormal activities. Waters was born on June 20th, 1989, in Muncie, Indiana, and studied Forensic Psychology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Arc Light Media is based in Wabash, Indiana, and has produced podcasts with the names Foul Play, Hometown History, and Frightful. 

Deriving a collective effort 

“Every age thought they were so enlightened, and every age was stumbling around in much the same darkness of ignorance and fear.” ― Cassandra Clare

Many individuals are curious, but they let it die once they get older. Waters has been consistently observing his surroundings to dig out answers and make thorough judgments of the past.

Waters has been part of an Amazon series, “Chasing Evil,” in which there are missing persons and cryptic homicide murders surrounded by mysteries that need to be solved. The podcast Foul Play was started in 2014 and has been streamed by millions of listeners worldwide, with the show The Maps getting a lot of attention.

Foul Play is hosted by Waters, Wendy Cee, and Gemma Hoskins, the star of Netflix’s The Keepers, and they all work together on the writing. Hometown History is a podcast that talks about forgotten history. Hometown History is written by Nicholas De Neff. While Frightful talks about mysteries or tales that have a spooky tone.

When a person is murdered, the only thing that their loved ones want is justice. Waters has painted a gruesome picture just with his voice of the injustice in the show The Maps which was broadcast on Foul Play.

In the span of 15 years, Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog committed murders in Liden, California, where they mutilated and maimed innocent individuals. All those who were murdered were missing, and their loved ones for years did not know If they were even alive. When individuals are constrained, they tend to burst once they believe they have power.

The Maps narrates the challenges the loved ones of the victims had to face fighting for justice. Waters, along with his co-hosts, has done a commendable job in describing the ordeal. It is horrifying for the family members as they are still under mystery because the murders remain unresolved for a long time. 

Defining the way forward

“Making a difference by extending a helping hand for a social cause is like prestidigitating the magic of highest prestige.” ― Prashant Bhushan Tyagi

When Shermantine and Herzog were on their killing spree, there had no remorse and enjoyed the thrill. Waters has talked about how both of the killers’ backgrounds and what led to them being so extreme that they had to kill others for satisfaction.

When individuals are faced with a childhood that they can not control, they are bound to feel restricted. Parents of the killers were strict and used to hit them and practiced violence almost daily. When people tend to enjoy killing someone, their moral ground is completely forgone and dead.

Waters has used his platform to help all those who could not raise their voices or worked tirelessly but got no results. With his investigative skills, Waters has been phenomenal when it comes to fulfilling her duties to highlight wrongdoings. Waters has been a critical individual when it comes to showing the world that turmoil should be put forward so that it is not repeated.

The Maps is all about how killers are made and why they are cultivated to such an extent that they are impossible to handle. Waters has verbalized how individuals are made into murderers with his podcast Foul Play. There are moments when individuals may feel that all that they are doing is not paying off.

It is important to remember that everything needs persistence and dedication, which elevates the journey. When individuals begin to believe in themselves, they create an environment where they are bound to win. With all his might, Waters gives his all when it comes to believing that he can achieve it all.

Waters has dedicated his time to helping others which has accentuated his belief in himself.  As the world progresses forward, individuals need to be confident. Waters, with his efforts, has been consistent, proficient, and taken all the challenges head-on.

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