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How technology has made vacuum pumps (and other equipment) more user-friendly

In this article, you are going to see how technology has made things easy for industries that use vacuum pumps.

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Technology has made life easier for almost all industries. Every day, scientists and engineers are coming up with new developments. All these advancements are to ensure that life is simple for everyone.

One of the most prolific advancements is vacuum pumps. These devices have been in use since the year 1650s. As you consider buying any of these tools, a vital factor to consider is user-friendliness. How easy is it to use?

In this article, you are going to see how technology has made things easy for industries that use vacuum pumps.

What are vacuum pumps

Before the invention of these pumps, people relied on suction pumps. Even today, some individuals still use a suction pump.

Vacuum pumps, by definition, are devices that assist in creating a vacuum in industrial machines. Their work is easy. All they do is to eliminate any gas molecules that may be present in the device. Creating space helps in the smooth operation while it (machine) works.

Where these devices came from

For you to understand why these vacuum pumps are easy to use, you must first know where they come from. Coming up with modern vacuum pumps did not come easy. The advancement passed from one generation of researchers to another.

For instance, after the invention of the first one, improvements stopped until the late 19th century. During this time, the invention of the mercury displacement pump, which was the first device to achieve a vacuum of 10 p.a, came into being. Then it led to the invention of the vacuum tube and the Sprengel pump.

Technology’s impact

Primarily, vacuum pumps create vacuums using three ways. The technique used depends on the internal mechanism within the pump itself.

  1. The first type is the positive displacement pump. In this method, there is a cavity, which expands to allow gas molecules to flow into it. Which means; this space has to increase in volume. After it is full, it seals it then releases the gas.

Such pumps are useful for devices that want to create low vacuums. The cavity returns to its original size, and the process happens repeatedly

  1. Secondly, we have the momentum transfer pumps. Unlike the positive displacement pumps, these depend on high-speed jets to remove all gas molecules from a chamber. 

Mostly, these devices are suitable for creating high vacuums. By the way, you can use them with positive displacement pumps, a few of them, to develop high vacuums.

  1. The third pump type is the most complicated one of the three. We refer to it as the regenerative pump. For it to create a vacuum, it depends on very sharp perpendicular teeth in its rotor. The air molecules will circulate within the teeth and release the air molecules into the air.


From the above pumping types, we already see the complexity and their use in different industries. If you want the best vacuum pumps, head out to They have a variety of brands to cater to most industry needs. Besides that, they can also repair pumps.

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