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How technology has shaped the e-Sports industry

The number of people who get involved in e-Sport keeps increasing at a massive rate. Technology is responsible for this growth in the industry.

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The e-Sport gaming industry has attracted immense attention on a global scale. People can compete with each other in their favorite video games. Now, betting has also found its way into the e-Sports industry. This combo is interesting for people who love gambling and video games at the same time.

According to statistical research, the fan base for the e-Sport gaming and betting industry is growing at an exponential rate. In 2019, an audience of 500 million people attracted revenue of US$ 1 billion for the industry.

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Most Sports agencies and clubs lost a significant amount of revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reverse was the case for the e-Sports industry.

During this period, the e-Sport domain saw a rapid amount of growth in the number of players, viewers, and punters. 

Between 2015 and 2020, the amount that bettors wagered on e-Sport games increased from US$ 315 million to US$ 23.5 billion. What is really behind this kind of sharp transformation?

The answer is technology. Let’s examine how some new technological tools have changed the landscape of the e-Sports betting industry.

Smartphone Technology

The success of the e-Sport betting industry has firm roots in smartphone technology. In the past, passionate punters had to use their desktop computers or go to a brick-and-mortar bookmaker. In today’s world, most people are ever-loyal to their technological gadgets.

With our mobile devices, many of us can bet from the comfort of our homes. Smartphone screens have become wider. 

Their operating systems and user interface designs have become more appealing. Many e-Sport game producers have released mobile versions of their games.

Bookmakers have created high-quality mobile apps that provide unlimited access to e-Sport betting. The internet has made the e-Sport betting industry to get more popular than ever. This trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR and VR have already changed the scope of the e-Sport betting industry on a small scale. It seems that there is a larger change in the way. If you are familiar with both technologies, you will understand the benefits that they can provide.

Most laymen think that both technologies are the same. They are not. Virtual Reality blocks off the immediate environment and gives you a taste of another dimension. 

Augmented Reality doesn’t cut off the real world. It only enhances it with real videos and images. These two technologies promise to improve the betting and streaming experiences of punters. 

For example, augmented reality can give you real-time statistics and competitive odds for a player. Important info can pop on the screen to make it easier for you to place bets.

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5G Internet Connectivity

5G technologies will be a big positive step for the e-Sports betting industry. Of course, this high-speed internet technology is not yet widespread in most areas of the globe. Also, only high-end smartphone models have 5G connection capabilities.

In the next few years, we should see 5G bringing e-Sport gaming and betting to a larger audience. 

The presence of faster internet connections for computers and mobile devices has made it easier both for players and bettors. It has become easier to stream e-Sport matches on betting sites.

Players can play their matches while experiencing the lowest possible lag and latency. 5G will also help allow smooth playing of games that require a large number of connections. 

Also, 5G technology, coupled with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will be a powerful combination.

Tomaš Selinec is a professional analyst who has kept track of the evolution of the e-Sport industry over the years. He also enjoys betting on e-Sport games.

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency sprang from blockchain technology. It has gradually found its way into the eSports betting industry. These digital assets are becoming acceptable withdrawal and deposit methods for eSport betting. Some popular cryptocurrencies for this purpose are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum

Blockchain’s ability to store information on a public ledger is a wonderful property for the e-Gaming sector. Sportsbook users have much to gain from the blockchain’s trust factor.

Anyone who understands the basis of the blockchain knows that it will be hard for bookmakers to rip them off. There is a peer-to-peer link between yourself and e-Sport betting bookmakers.

Also, bookmakers make mistakes, even though they try to be as perfect as possible. This is because they handle hundreds of transactions per day. Blockchain-based nodes can tackle this kind of problem because of their computing ability.

You have more to win by using the best stavnice to cast your e-Sport wagers.

Social Media and Online Review Forums

Consumer trust and satisfaction are the pillars of the e-Sport betting industry. Sportsbooks know that these two factors have a big effect on their profits.

While it is good to have the best technological tools, bookmakers use customer feedback to secure a competitive edge and long-term loyalty. Social media platforms have been crucial in providing helpful feedback.

e-Sport gaming sportsbooks rely on a heavy social media presence to advertise and provide real-time analysis and promotions. The e-Sport betting service providers have also invested a lot in online review forums and customer service technologies.


Technology will continue to open new doors for the e-Sport gaming and betting industries. The quality of video games will continue to improve. The quality of the experience for e-Sport bettors will also get better.

Some researchers have claimed that Artificial Intelligence will take a solid root in the e-Sport betting industry. Apart from technology, legislation will also shape the future of the e-Sport gambling sector.

As time proceeds, most jurisdictional authorities will strengthen their grasp on the regulation of e-Sports betting. 

Also, more bookmakers will allow their clients to place wagers on e-Sport competitions. B2C e-Sport betting sites now provide competitive odds and bonuses for their customers.

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