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How technology is helping casinos catch cheaters red handed

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Image: The Verge

When it comes to technology helping to catch players who are cheating, many think of video surveillance which can provide information to the pit bosses on who is seemingly suspicious. However, technology is becoming far more advanced, both online and offline, meaning it’s getting harder to cheat than ever before. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how technology is helping casinos to catch cheaters red-handed.

Device Reputation Authority

The Device Reputation Authority is a database which offers information on a broad number of devices around the world. With businesses and fraud professionals providing details of any fraudulent individuals and their devices on which they have committed the fraud, the database can be used to have a greater understanding of if a cheater is looking to take the casino for its money when playing online casino games UK. When a player signs up or looks to make a transaction, online casinos are able to check the IP address of the individual and decide whether to Allow, Review or Deny their transaction. While many cheaters will use a number of proxy IPs in order to try and get around this system, the revolutionary technology is able to trace the proxy path back to the device’s original IP address to help ensure that the casino and its money is safe at all times.

Angel Eye

A number of casinos in Asian countries experienced a problem of card switching, where players would be able to switch the cards that they were given in favor of other cards which could give them a much better hand. Angel Eye is a system that has been introduced to stop this exact issue. Each card will be given a barcode printed on it with invisible ink. On a baccarat table, cards will be dealt and a sensor in the dealing shoe will know exactly which cards have been dealt and in what order. This information is then transferred to a computer within the casino. If the cards on the table do not match the computer’s information when it comes to seeing who has won, then the cheater will be caught red-handed.

RSA Encryption

There are some online casinos on the market that further their site’s encryption past the 128-bit standard encryption code. This is where RSA encryption comes in. RSA is built on an asymmetric cryptography system, helping to ensure that each and every transaction is secure with the use of both a public and private key. This can help to identify all transactions and ensure that they are entirely secured within the mathematical algorithm that makes up the cryptography. Further to this, KYC technology is also put into place on a number of sites to help ensure that underage players are unable to access games through logging into their parent’s accounts, and also to guarantee that fraud and money-laundering possibilities are minimized.

Casino security both online and offline is as strict as possible, in order to ensure that money can not be taken from the casino and players are protected at all times. With new technologies being introduced to further help to secure casinos, it’s becoming more difficult than ever for cheaters to have their way and not be caught red-handed.


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