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How the SEEKER R1 makes cycling safer and more advanced

The SEEKER R1 will keep you safe and protected from all motorist-related injuries on the road.

seekerk r1 cycling companion app showing a car in the rearview

It is estimated that millions of people ride bikes each day. People use their bikes each day for health, travel, and recreation. In America alone, there were 840 fatal bike crashes in 2018.

The SEEKER Cycling Camera is a companion for every bike rider. The new camera does more than filming your rides. Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the SEEKER R1?

The SEEKER R1 is the newest safety solution for cyclists everywhere. The high-tech camera is made by apeman, a company that specializes in cyclist safety. The SEEKER R1 is the company’s third and newest cyclist camera.

The SEEKER R1 provides cyclists with state-of-the-art safety while riding. The camera offers cyclists a real-time view of everything behind them. The rear-view camera creates new safety features that can’t be replicated. 

seekerk r1 cycling companion app showing a car in the rearview

All cameras in Apeman’s SEEKER line are made to keep cyclists safe. The R1 comes after the SEEKER One and the SEEKER F1. The camera creates a rearview camera, visible trail lights, and a bike lane using lasers.

Although the SEEKER R1 is great alone, it pairs perfectly with the SEEKER F1. Having both cameras will create a 360-degree field of view.

Why Purchase a SEEKER R1

The SEEKER R1 is the ultimate cyclist friend. The product was made to protect bikers from all safety hazards on the roads and paths. With several hundred bike accidents occurring each week, safety is crucial.

If you are someone who bikes in a populated area, the SEEKER R1 is right for you. Regardless of when and where you cycle, the SEEKER R1 can keep you safe while enjoying a ride, commuting to work, or exercising!

SEEKER R1 Technology

The SEEKER R1 has been manufactured for cyclists by cyclists. The product truly ensures safe cycling with its technology. The SEEKER R1 is a one-stop-shop for cycling safety.

Innovative Lighting

The SEEKER Smart Tail Light allows bikers to stay safe during dark rides. The lighting has many different features allowing you to be seen at all times. The SEEKER Smart Tail Light is equipped with technology that automatically turns on once the sun goes down.

With the help of the SEEKER F1, your bike can be completely lit. The SEEKER F1 illuminates the front of the bike while the SEEKER R1 illuminates the back. When combined, bikers can ensure safety from the front and back.

The bike is also equipped with impressive warning break lighting. Similar to that of a car, the SEEKER R1 will flash when you slow down and break.

This will allow other bikers and drivers to see that you are slowing down no matter the time of day. This brake light feature can help minimize the risk of accidents.

Laser bike lanes can be produced by the SEEKER R1. The product creates a personal bike lane around you to ensure cars give you enough space. The “cycle-safe-zone” creates a safe barrier from traffic.

Rearview e-Mirror

This amazing new technology allows bikers to access a high-definition rearview camera. Looking over your should can cause extreme risk and leave a biker in a vulnerable position. With the e-Mirror, that will be a way of the past. 

Bikers have the ability to see motorists before they pass them. The Rearview e-Mirror allows for bikers to change lanes and crossroads without worry. Bikers can also see cars before they become possible hazards.

The product pairs easily to cellphones. This way you can place your cell phone on your handlebars securely to see what is happening behind you!

Battery Life and Recording

The SEEKER R1 has a gigantic built-in battery. The safety system comes with a 5,000mAh lithium ion battery. This battery provides up to 300 minutes of recording on a single charge.

With a long and powerful battery comes sufficient recording. The SEEKER R1 comes equipped with loop recording to make sure everything is recorded and stored if needed for later. This can be handy in a court of law if needed.

Can Handle the Elements

The SEEKER R1 is IPX5 waterproof. This means you won’t have to take it off your bike while it’s raining or have to worry about puddles.

The bike attachment is strong and durable in all weather conditions. The SEEKER R1 can function properly in all temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Specs

The innovative cycling gear has nothing but the best to offer. The product features a 150-degree frame of view (FOV). This will allow bikers to see everything behind them. 

The 150 FOV camera is shot in 4K resolution which captures video clearly. This allows for crystal clear replays that you may need. Everything is shot in real-time with 60 frames per second (FPS).

We wanted to make use of the best technology that is available to us and increase the visibility and safety of our users We wanted to come up with a solution that also allows cyclists to also be completely aware of their surroundings,” says Jimmy Huang, Director of apeman. “So, we incorporated our SEEKER series with a modular 4K camera (SEEKER ONE) that has a super-wide 150˚ FOV that records and provides a live view of any incoming vehicles on your smartphone.”

With smart technology and cyclist safety in mind, cycling news has been raving over the SEEKER R1. Cycling publications such as, BIKERUMOR, TechRadar, Flipboard, and many more have raved about the product

When compared to its competition, the SEEKER R1 stands alone in bike safety. The SEEKER R1 will keep you safe and protected from all motorist-related injuries on the road. Visit their website to check out SEEKER series products.

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