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How to automatically show the full URL in Safari

If you want to see the full URL on Safari by default, you have options.

Apple safari browser icon on a macbook screen
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By default, Safari tries to hide the full address of any website you visit, only revealing the domain name. It helps with clutter, but sometimes you might want to see the full URL in Safari.

Thankfully, Apple recognizes this and allows for some customization. You can, of course, simply click or tap a URL to display its hidden parts—but why waste time with unnecessary actions?

Let’s discuss how to make Safari automatically display the complete web address of every site you visit.

How to show full website addresses in Safari on Mac

Here’s how to always show the full URL in Safari on Mac:

  1. Go to Safari > PreferencesOpening the menu on safari

  2. Click AdvancedAdvanced tab on browser settings for mac

  3. Tick Show full website address in the Smart Search Field sectionSafari advanced settings menu with smart search field

That’s it. Safari will now display full URLs for every site you visit so you can reduce the strain on your clicking finger.

How to show full website addresses in Safari on iOS

Safari browser on ios
Image: KnowTechie

Safari on iPhone and iPad doesn’t have a setting to automatically show full URLs in the address bar. The missing preference makes sense on more compact devices, as smaller screens would struggle to accommodate the extra characters.

You can, however, reveal full website addresses using the traditional tap and look method. If copying a URL is your goal, long-pressing the address bar brings up copy and paste options.

Don’t let Safari hide your URLs

When Safari gets sneaky and tries to hide your URLs, you don’t have to put up with such secrecy. In macOS, adjusting a simple setting is enough to force the browser to reveal everything it knows.

Safari in iOS won’t give up the goods so easily, but you can coerce it with a firm tap.

If you don’t need to see complete URLs at all times, switching the setting off on Mac makes the address bar look a little more attractive.

But then you run the risk of Safari looking too good because, as far as browsers go, it’s already a fine-looking specimen.

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