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How to avoid mobile app scams

It’s easy to assume that apps are well-made and safe. This isn’t always the case

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Finding the best and safest mobile apps isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are thousands of apps, both free and paid, on Apple’s store. However, just because an app is available on the App Store doesn’t mean it’s secure. 

While free apps are easy to find and delete, those that require payment details, such as grocery delivery apps, require more careful consideration. You wouldn’t want to enter your payment information into a web browser form that’s not secure, right? Well, you also don’t want to enter your security card details into a malicious phone application.

Here are several tips for how to select the best apps and hopefully avoid unnecessary security risks:

Read Reviews and Scores

One of the simplest ways to make sure an app is trustworthy is to read reviews. Customer comments, whether positive or negative, are the best way to judge how an app is perceived.

App scores are also useful resources when trying to decide whether it is reliable. Customer ratings are collected into an overall score, allowing you the user to judge whether the app is worth downloading. Scores work well alongside written comments to determine the safety and suitability of a downloadable service. 

Checking reviews for the company or distributor that runs each app is also important. If the wider supplier has problems or a bad reputation, then it’s reasonably safe to assume that you should avoid the app. 

Make Use of Suggested Recommendations 

Whether you use a Google play store or the App Store, browsing recommended app pages is important. These apps are trending and gaining traction from users like you. Recommendations may be based on previous purchases or downloads, or customer ratings.

While systems like this do rely on browser search data, they are a useful resource if you find yourself unsure of which app to choose. The systems narrow down the competition for you, showing you the most popular options. However, you should still do your own research as recommendations are just a way to give you ideas.

Search For the Same Distributor 

If you’ve used a certain app before and found it to be successful, looking at the same company or distributor again will help. If you already trust the supplier, it’s likely that their other apps will be equally satisfactory.

 Even if you’re getting an app from a source you trust, read reviews, and check app scores to avoid bugs.

Use Recognized App Stores 

Another successful way to find the best apps is to use recognized stores. Browsing an unrecognized store or sight is more likely to present bad or suspicious results.

Although your friends might jailbreak their phones, this is one of the least secure things you could do with your device.

Using the store connected to your phone, or other mobile devices will help you find apps tailored to your device. With the right store, deliveries and other purchases are one simple click away without any complicated add-on’s that ineffective apps might produce.

Even with a reliable store, however, you should still remain aware of possible faults and failings.

Be Aware of Permissions and Costs

An app that has complex permissions or overly high costs is immediately suspicious. Never put your card details in until you’re sure that you understand all the terms and conditions linked to that app.

The last thing you want to do is get caught out because you didn’t read everything through properly. It’s easy to assume that apps are well-made and safe. This isn’t always the case, and you should always remain in control by checking reviews and downloading from a secure store.

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