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How to be the best at what you do in your field of business

When you can diversify any activity, you’ll feel more interest in it, and the squeak of an alternative option is also good gymnastics for the brain.

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The conditions of competition in any field today are callous, so the desire to become the best in your area enables a person to reach a new level of expertise.

For example, data analyst interview questions help a recruiter understand what a person does to grow professionally and how effective their actions are.

Few companies today want to deal with people who don’t aspire to anything and are stuck in one place regarding career, professionalism, and skill development

There is an internationally recognized methodology of ‘selective practice,’ which has already proven its effectiveness. Its essence can be divided into several tips.

Don’t be afraid of failure

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Studies have shown the effectiveness of training athletes. As you know, all professionals work out every day for many hours, but this allows some to rise to a new level, while others do not. 

The findings confirmed the correctness of the method of selective practice. Skaters who practiced only those elements needed to complete the exercise did not progress in any way.

And those who spent part of the time working out those elements not included in their program, but are more complex and failed, progressed much faster and showed a much better result.

Growth should be gradual

There is no shortcut when getting from the junior level to the senior one.

Self-development is a long and gradual process—no need to grab everything at once and try to master all the skills in a short period. Instead, start one at a time. 

For example, you want to learn how to play the guitar and become a better guitarist. The learning process must be divided into several stages to achieve your goals.

First, you can learn notes, read them from a sheet, then master the simplest chords. Nothing will work out if you grab everything at once, and disappointment will quickly set in.

The process will drag on much longer than with gradual learning.

Variety in problem-solving helps you learn faster

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The information that the brain receives through different channels is absorbed faster. So, for example, constantly reading and repeating what you have read is less effective than reading and listening

Find a sub-cut or record your voice and listen to the information you need, for example, in traffic. This way, time is saved, and information is absorbed faster.

When you can diversify any activity, you’ll feel more interest in it, and the squeak of an alternative option is also good gymnastics for the brain.

Find a teacher

The desire of an adult to acquire knowledge and develop skills on their own is considered by many scientists to be ineffective. Therefore, a teacher is first and foremost a strict critic and assistant.

Feedback is an integral part of learning and fits best into the methodology of selective practice. Personal growth and striving for professional heights are typical desires of any person.

But not everyone knows how to achieve this correctly. No wonder business analyst interview questions often contain those about one’s approach to professional growth.

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