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How to become a Facebook digital marketing specialist in 5 days

Here is your step-by-step guide to starting the process of becoming a Facebook marketing expert in just five days.

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Taking a $5 course on Udemy does not make you a Facebook marketing specialist.

Yes, you can call yourself a Facebook marketing specialist like everyone who has ever just boosted a post on Facebook calls himself a specialist. But it does not matter, because nobody believes that you are a specialist.

At least not enough to pay you specialist money to run their Facebook ads.

Becoming the specialists who people will pay a premium for, takes years of making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, developing experience and expertise in the key aspects of Facebook marketing and lead generation.

While there is no way to cut the process short, here is your step-by-step guide to starting the process of becoming a Facebook marketing expert in just five days.

Full disclaimer, this is a short guide, and if you are really serious about pursuing this when you can check out the additional tips on the TeleCRM blog.

Day 1: Understanding the several ways in which you can market on Facebook

This includes things like 

  • Official page branding and marketing.
  • Facebook community building through Facebook groups.
  • Hijacking the tension of the right audience with the right content on different Facebook groups.
  • Marketing by creating a personal brand around your personal profile.
  • Facebook ad management for brand awareness generation.
  • Generating leads through Facebook lead gen ads.
  • Setting up a post lead gen process for capturing and distributing Facebook leads to the sales team.

Day 2 – 3: Dabbling in all these different ways to figure out which one to choose your best

This is not going to give you the best result and in fact, it is not going to give you any result any Shelley but just by executing the different marketing strategies and methods on Facebook, you get a sense of what each one entails and maybe even a sense of which one do you want to pursue.

Day 4: Deciding what your specialty is going to be

Once you get a taste of everything it’s time to decide which specific aspect of Facebook marketing you are going to specialize in. This is the most difficult part.

But you have to realize that just like a medical profession or cannot specialize in every single aspect of the body you cannot specialize in every single aspect of Facebook marketing. Once you realize that choosing a specialty becomes relatively easy.

Day 5: Announcing the beginning of your journey, starting out, and then figuring out which is the next milestone on this road to being a specialist in a specific aspect of Facebook marketing

As I stated earlier this is just the beginning of the journey to becoming a Facebook marketing specialist.

In fact, just like a medical professional you cannot even the special is in all the different aspects of Facebook marketing.

But if you choose a specific aspect and keep learning and growing in that aspect that I can bet that within a matter of six months to one year you will be one of the most knowledgeable people about that specific aspect of Facebook marketing. 

The obvious next question is if it so easy then why is everyone spending 6 months to one 1year and developing expertise in a specific area of Facebook marketing.

Like most high-impact actions this is really easy and simple to understand but really hard to stick to and believe that it was going to work out.

But if you just stick around for long enough then you will be one of the lone survivors and a definite specialist expert in that specific field of your choosing.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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