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How to become an application developer – quick starter guide

Every programmer has their own unique path to becoming an app developer. There is no right or wrong method to begin a new endeavor.

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Software developers are by far the most in-demand IT workers, with rising demand and talent rarity driving up compensation for many in the field.

Software development, on the other hand, is a dynamic sector wherein new scripting languages, tools, and technologies come and go in a matter of years, and job requirements are continuously altering.

We selected the most significant details and resources to support those enthusiastic in the area to truly understand how to succeed in a career in programming.

Basic Security Tools To Know

One of the most crucial details employers focuses on while hiring is a good knowledge of application security. A remarkable software isn’t just one that’s innovative but one that’s secure as well.

Knowing your way around penetration scanning and vulnerability scanning for open source is a crucial skill every software developer must practice. This is just a starting point, however.

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the majority of attacks still occur through web application compromises.

As a result, many firms have made testing and security programs a top priority. A rising number of application security technologies make this job easier.

A good programmer knows how to use programs like Arxan, Black Duck, Fortify, and Burp Suite, to name a few.

Programming Languages One Must Know

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Millions of programmers and billions of gadgets utilize Java around the world. Java is the official language of Android development, and 90 percent of Fortune 500 organizations utilize it as a back-end server-side language.

Java Script

The most widely used programming language on the planet is JavaScript. Recruiters indicated they were searching for candidates with JavaScript abilities 62% of the time, Java 59% of the time, and Python 48% of the time.

As the Internet of Things devices become more prevalent, several front-end frameworks for JavaScript, such as React and AngularJS, will become more popular, making it unlikely that the language will go out of favor anytime soon.


Python is a programming language that is widely used in computer programming, data mining, and machine learning applications. It is now ranked No. 3 on the TIOBE Index as the fastest-growing programming language.

The volume of Python employment has increased dramatically since the start of 2018. Python is the most popular programming language among developers.

Check out the countless articles out there if you wish to learn more about how Python has grown over the years.

The Soft Skills You’ll Need

A single coding error could result in a bad user experience. You’ll need to check both your own and your teammates’ output. The only right way to achieve this is to pay close attention to even the tiniest details of the code.

Other than that, having a curious approach to coding will go a long way. Modern mobile gadgets are continuously evolving, and apps must adapt to keep up. You should like learning and have a genuine interest in coding.

Finally, the success of your career dwindles upon your ability to make tight deadlines with good quality work. A sufficient grip on project management skills will help you on this front.

Internships Go A Long Way

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Programming majors at universities get very little hands-on experience. As a result, students must actively engage in professional self-development throughout this time and begin working in the area as soon as possible.

This will be critical to their success since it will allow them to gain real-world experience in the field.

Many professionals say that if only they could go back in time, they would seek out more internship and mentoring opportunities at the start of their careers. When you’re first starting out, it’s critical to learn from experienced coworkers.

Build Your Resume

Your CV has the power to make or break your hiring process. As a result, make sure you follow every one of the instructions listed below.

  1. When applying for an internship, tailor your resume to match your talents to the exact job needs.
  2. Showcase your technical talents by indicating their level of competency and the amount of time you’ve spent using them.
  3. Provide a list of projects you’ve worked on, together with a detailed description of the technology and processes you employed.
  4. Include a list of any particular honors and awards you’ve won to showcase your efforts and accomplishments.

Online Communities and Blogs

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Online groups and blogs are excellent for networking and interacting with people who share similar interests. Join popular forums to start a conversation, share solutions, and seek assistance when you’re lost on a line of code.

Consider computer science’s social media, where you can build essential contacts while learning.

Meetups and technical seminars are good options if you want to get out of the virtual world for a while. Better yet, challenge your programming mates to hackathons and coding festivals and see who comes out on top.

Education To Qualify

Getting a bachelor’s degree or an Associate’s degree are two of the most well-known options. They require an investment of your time and money as well. And in terms of theoretical knowledge, it does pay off.

However, people are often attracted to boot camps. Although a bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree do provide academic information, boot camps provide more practical expertise that employers are looking for.

They also have tailored learning programs where you can concentrate on the genre of app development that you want to do.

Opting for certificate programs from reliable sources is an easy way to gain an authentic stamp of approval. But the argument stands that there isn’t much learning involved for people who do opt for this method.


We’ve almost completely covered all you need to know about becoming a developer. We hope that this information will assist you in making the best choice for your future career.

Every programmer has their own unique path to becoming an app developer. There is no right or wrong method to begin a new endeavor.

The beautiful thing about programming is that you can practice by creating projects for yourself. To obtain some training hours, begin with free courses.

Take in suggestions from others and start modest initiatives to learn as you get further.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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