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How to best promote your new mobile app to your target audience

Here are some useful strategies that can help you promote your new mobile app.

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In today’s society, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular with users as they spend increasing amounts of time on their phones. 

As entertainment, news, social media, and more are available easily through mobile devices, less people might be inclined to use their desktops to access information. 

Does your business have an app? From fast food to online shopping, many businesses run an app so that potential customers can easily access information and order products with the touch of a few buttons. 

According to Business Insider, the list of ten most downloaded apps of the last decade include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Facebook ranked number one on their list as over the last ten years the Facebook app has had 4.6 billion downloads. 

All of these apps have become popular with users due to their ease of use, their creative features, and their innovative technology. Creating your own successful mobile app – one that is downloaded by many users – can be a challenge, but here are some useful strategies that can help you promote your new mobile app.

Define your target market

Carefully defining your target market is the single, most important step in a successful marketing strategy. Trying to reach everyone is ineffective and a waste of resources, so select a group of consumers you want to reach who are best suited to your product. Consider details like psychographics, demographics, lifestyle, and habits. 

If you’re marketing an app for a business like an online casino, for example, your marketing would be directed towards 18+ (or 21+) players. There are many mobile apps available on Google Play and the App Stores from iGaming brands like LeoVegas that let you play the newest online slot games, and which are designed to appeal to and be used by their target customers.

Use app store optimization methods

Having your app on an app store may not be enough to make people see it. With over two million mobile apps available for users to download on their devices, getting your app discovered can be a challenge. As much of new app discovery involves general browsing of the app store or looking in the ‘top rated’ or ‘most popular’ app lists in the app store, you’ll ideally want your app to be featured here. 

App Store Optimisation (ASO) can help you optimize your app so that you can rank higher in app store search results. Your app title, keywords, and ratings/reviews, can all contribute to optimizing your mobile app and helping your target audience discover it better in the app store. 

Connect to your audience using social networks

There are many advantages to using social media for your business. As well as using tweets and Facebook posts to promote your business, you can also use platforms to promote your mobile app too. 

In today’s society, social media has made it much easier for online users and potential customers to discover your business. Hootsuite’s guide to ‘Social Media Advertising 101: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ad Budgetoutlines the many different ways to use your budget wisely on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Promoting your mobile app, new updates, and useful features regularly on social media can help to increase your number of downloads.

Create engaging content

With the rise of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, many online users are engaging with content such as short videos and high-quality images. Making a video on social media can be a powerful tool for providing more information about your app to your desired audience. 

There are also many users that are interested in reading blog posts and how-to guides online too, so regular content on a company blog can be beneficial too to help improve brand awareness. Why not outline the benefits of downloading your app? 

There are many great reasons why apps are better than websites, as it’s easy to send notifications to users, they can work faster than websites, and they can make use of many mobile features such as the camera or GPS.

Collect user reviews

Collecting user reviews about your mobile app is not only beneficial for other users to look at but it also helps with app store optimisation as well. Once your app is in the app store, it’s beneficial to receive positive reviews rather than negative ones. 

Positive reviews can help build trust for an app and encourage more users to download it. If there are any negative ones, assess what customers have said about your app and think about what changes and updates can be done to help improve user experience on the app. 

Neil Patel has a guide on useful ways to increase mobile app reviews that can help you get more positive reviews, such as using an app review plugin and making reviews as easy as possible for users to give. 

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