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How to build a high converting sales funnel

Setting up your sales funnel is essential if you want to place your brand front and center.

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When you intend on building a highly profitable business, you have to set up a process for acquiring, nurturing, and converting leads. Indeed, the secret to the success of any sales and marketing campaign lies in the type of systems you have in place.

That being said, it’s important to consider the structure of your sales funnels. A proper strategy isn’t something that business owners can pull out of a hat. It takes a great deal of planning to create a sales funnel that will produce a high volume of sales conversions.

But how do you build a sales funnel that’s profitable? Here’s a guide:

Create an ideal customer profile

The first thing you need to figure out is your audience. The message you will be delivering throughout the funnel should be consistent and appeal to your audience. For that reason, you need to decide on who it is you want to engage.

When it comes to creating an ideal customer profile, you will need to be ultra-specific. It’s simply not enough to focus on a single demographic such as gender; you should be able to target other variables as well, like age and location. 

Along with identifying your prospects, you should be able to prepare a list of questions to help you determine if they are likely to end up making a purchase. Once you have set up your target clients, you now have the basis to begin building your sales funnel.

Decide on your brand’s tone

When it comes to constructing messages to deliver to your audience, it’s important that your messages contain your brand’s personality. For this, you may need to determine the type of brand you want your business to be. 

The tone in your messaging defines your brand’s personality. Do you want it to be an industry expert that’s serious about solving the market’s most pressing issues? Or will it be the type of business that’s ready to lend a helping hand like a best friend?

Your messaging should match the identity of your brand, and it should be structured the same way throughout all your interactions, whether it’s social media or email.

Create engaging landing pages

Now that you have your messaging as well as the criteria you need for qualifying your prospects, it’s time to set up the platforms for your sales process. This is crucial because you need to build the channels that prime your prospects for the next steps. 

For this, you will need to create landing pages that provide prospects with all the information they need to advance down the funnel. In this sense, it’s crucial to pick the right platform for creating landing pages easily. For one, ClickFunnels offers a wide assortment of templates you can modify to align with your brand. 

But to really produce a high amount of conversions for your business, it’s important to create really engaging copy that’s bound to generate interest using compelling calls-to-action.  

Prepare sales collaterals

Landing pages are not the only items in your business’s arsenal. You also need to create a number of materials that will further demonstrate the value your products and services can bring to your customers.

Downloadable content such as brochures and case studies are very powerful when it comes to lead nurturing, so be sure to include these elements in your sales funnel. However, it’s important to remember that such content should be informative, not just making a cold hard sales pitch. It should also provide crucial facts about your brand.

Automate your email send outs

Email is an important component of your sales funnel, but it can also be tedious to manage. Considering that you should personalize every message you need to deliver straight to the inboxes of your prospects, you will find that automating your email campaign can help you save time and money.

For this, it’s imperative to find an email marketing platform that seamlessly integrates your email campaign with your sales funnel. For starters, you might want to check out platforms such as Mailchimp and Infusionsoft that allow you to create professional emails that are targeted for the right people.

Check your analytics

Setting up your sales funnel is only half the battle. You still need to calibrate your campaign every now and then. This is where effective analytics comes in.

Using the right analytics tools, you can determine whether your landing pages need to be optimized further. A sudden drop in the conversion rate and spike in your bounce rate are just some red flags you shouldn’t overlook.

Setting up your sales funnel is essential if you want to place your brand front and center. Properly structuring your sales process also lets you uncover valuable opportunities for expanding your business, so be sure to follow the guide above and give your sales a much-needed boost. 

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