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How to burn Xbox One games onto a disc

Keep in mind that only some games are backward compatible, so be sure to check which ones are valid.

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Preparing for your burning adventure

Before you can begin, you need to have a few elements in place. For obvious reasons, you should have a DVD-ROM drive available that’s capable of burning. Most modern computers don’t have this included when you buy them, as many people focus on downloading games these days.

You’ll also need the original game, preferably in ISO format for easy burning. In some cases, you might need to include a redeem code, depending on where you obtain the files. Finally, ensure that you have a blank disc with enough storage.

Download and install disc-burning software

You’ll get nowhere if you don’t have a decent disc-burning software program that makes this task easier for you. For this purpose, we recommend using our CyberLink Power2Go Download for top-quality performance, ease of use, and a variety of preferences. 

Once you’ve downloaded the installation file, the wizard will take you through the steps for setting the program up for the first time. You should create desktop and taskbar shortcuts to instantly access CyberLink in the future.

With CyberLink installed, you’ll need to set up your preferences before you head to burning your Xbox One game to disc. This feature ensures that your settings remain the same every time you want to perform this task. The Preferences icon is located at the top right of the menu, indicated by a gear symbol.

Here are some of the functions you can set in the following tabs:

  • General: temporary file save directory, toggles for automatic print label creation and running the app at startup, and resetting all preferences;
  • Capacity: manually enter the storage size or set to autodetect;
  • Database: let CyberLink obtain album info from the internet;
  • Language: indicate the preferred user language.

Create the data disc

Now you’re ready to see how to burn Xbox One games onto a disc with the appropriate settings in place. Head back to the main menu and select ‘Data Disc.’ You’ll want to choose ‘DVD’ from the list of choices since it’s the one most compatible with the format.

You’ll see a new CyberLink Power2Go workspace open. There are three vital sections to pay attention to: the media pane at the top right, the disc content at the bottom, and the folder management section on the top left. 

You’ll want the source files in the media pane, which you can drag and drop into the disc content section. A new window will appear for you to configure settings, after which you can click on the ‘Burn Now’ button.

Adding password protection

We don’t recommend creating a password for your new Xbox One disc, as it may cause problems with loading games. However, there is an icon between the media pane and disc content that will let you set security preferences if you feel the need to do so.

Burning your way into gaming

Now that you know how to burn Xbox One games onto disc, you can copy some of your favorite titles for safekeeping or use on the Xbox Series X. However, keep in mind that only some games are backward compatible, so be sure to check which ones are valid.

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