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How to buy a dishwasher in 2019

Getting the right dishwasher machine will be made easier if you take a keen consideration of the factors stated in this post.

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Dishwashers, which were once thought to be a luxury product, have evolved into a necessity in the contemporary world. In these times, anything which saves time is considered a must-have for any working individual. Dishwasher prices may vary according to their features, capacity, and other factors. 

Buying a new machine can be quite intimidating as they all appear almost similar in terms of appearance and material used. This should, however, not be a daunting experience as finding the best dishwasher to sort all your needs and budget is manageable, as long as you consider the necessary factors.

Understanding the options

With the many types and brands to choose from, narrowing down the search to the available sizes will make the entire process seamless. The size picked will vary according to the number of dishes one expects to be washing on a regular. Furthermore, it only makes sense if the chosen machine fits inside the kitchen without taking up much of the space. The primary dishwasher machines size currently available for sale are;

  • Full-Sized

This is the biggest type of machines. They can handle a larger number (between 120 and 150) of crockery, cutlery, pans, etc. Some of them have a 12-place setting, while larger ones shoot up to 15-place settings.

  • Slimline

Plenty of space is available in a slimline dishwasher, which fits 90 to 100 items at a go. The machine is ideal for small families and very convenient as it can be squeezed in tight kitchen design.

  • Compact

These neat appliances can sit on top of a counter, holding as many items as 60. It is more like having a larger microwave in your space. In some cases, the prices may not match the smaller size as some of them are as pricy as the full-sized models. Retailers such as the vaatwasser kopen have been recognized for selling such and many other products at reasonable prices.

  • Integrated

A new matching kitchen door will have to be installed for the dishwasher to stay hidden away. The control panel is not visible as it runs along the top inside lip.

  • Semi-integrated

Semi-integrated dishwashers are more or less the same as integrated ones, just that the control panel is visible.

Factors to consider when buying a dishwasher

  • The type to buy

Before setting out to purchase any dishwashers, it is paramount to determine the right type for you. This is determined by several factors such as; whether you live in a rental or your own house, the size of the home and how big the household is.

  • Energy-saving considerations

Dishwashers that display the energy star symbols will save you more energy than the other unqualified products. This is one of the key features to look for when getting a brand new machine to your home. You have worked to make your life easier, not more expensive because of increased water and electricity bills.

  • Performance features

The performance of a dishwasher is influenced by a couple of factors such as the washing levels. Three-tier systems will work efficiently, providing proper washing. More levels also improve the coverage but will add to the general cost.

Other performance features to consider include;

  • Flexible racks and baskets
  • Hidden controls
  • Child safety locks
  • Anti-flood device
  • Hydrosensors


Getting the right dishwasher machine will be made easier if you take a keen consideration of the factors stated in this post. Some retail companies such as the vaatwasser kopen will guide you through the nitty-gritty of any product before settling for them.

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