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How to cheat a user and steal his mailbox

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Do you think that all hackers are geniuses, and to become one of them, you had to be born with a laptop in your hands? Then later throughout your life, you would sharpen your skills? It is not so. Maybe, in the initial stage, you will be unable to hack well-protected bank servers, it is predictable but one step at a time. On the other hand, it is not really complicated getting access to password-protected mailboxes. It would be best if you did not try to graduate from the hacker’s high school, or whatever it is named, I am not sure.

You need only one thing: get an e-mail box of *.pst extension that is connected to MS Outlook—any version. How are you going to do it? That is another matter. For example, you may wait until your colleague goes to lunch, sit down at his computer, then underhandedly and accurately copy the *.pst file to a flash disk.

Usually, all of these files are located in the same path, but try to detect them through the Windows engine in case you are lost. The essential thing is to get access to the machine with MS Outlook. Since you are not a power hacker, for now, let us start simple and postpone a hack of the remote computer. It is a matter for a separate study.

So, have you managed to do it? Now you can open another user’s mailbox and find all his secrets. By the way, what if it is password-protected or encrypted? However, it can be quickly done by a small application Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. In case you merely need to open an e-mail box in this utility and see all emails, you are not asked to register the application and pay, it can be done for free using the utility’s demo.

It works on any computer under Windows and opens any version of MS Outlook mailbox. The developer does not advertise some hacker tools, the application is developed mostly for those users, who encountered email issues, but I have immediately decided to use it like this, no other way. Most likely, I have gone astray from society, and now I am dragging you down to the dark side of the Force.

recovery toolbox outlook

Advantages of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook does not ask you where you have found this file of *.pst format. You have it, that is all, now you need to understand what you should do with it. No complicated manuals are required. Everything can be explained in several words. So, to open a file of *.pst format, created in Microsoft Outlook, need to do the following:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for Outlook from the proved and safe link
  2. Install the software. For this purpose, need to click on the downloaded file and follow instructions
  3. Open Recovery Toolbox for Outlook
  4. Choose a file of *.pst format
  5. Trigger the processing of mailbox, and
  6. Wait for the end of the analysis and preview the mailbox from within the application

You will be able to see the mailbox contents even if this file is unopenable at all in Microsoft Outlook. For example, the file is somehow damaged, and you see errors when trying to open your email in Outlook. However, in most cases, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can open this mailbox. In case the program is registered, it can save recovered data and create a new mailbox, easily openable in Outlook without asking for passwords—even if it asked previously.


Safety and privacy are essential things for hackers. Therefore, I can recommend Recovery Toolbox for Outlook for these respected persons. It works strictly on an installed computer and does not try to connect to malicious sites to send a stolen password or something even more critical there. It is easy to check, any scanner of network traffic or even an ordinary firewall will immediately display that Recovery Toolbox for Outlook does not generate suspicious traffic, it uses only the resources of the computer that performs the processing of *.pst file.

The software permits working on any computer, either weak or powerful one; it does not affect the efficiency of file processing. However, the speed of selected mailbox analysis may take a while, so use a more powerful computer if you can do it. But note that Recovery Toolbox for Outlook does not do anything with the source file structure, it just creates a mailbox replica and opens this copy for analysis.

Do you think it’s too good to be true? But that’s easy. The only difference is that the majority of such programs are not for previewing only, but for recovery as well. For example, Microsoft has already provided its own method of electronic mail recovery, and I mean Inbox Repair Tool. The utility is installed together with Microsoft Outlook, it is called at email problems and recovers mailboxes, in case it is possible at all. Unfortunately, it is not always allowed therefore move to the next section and get Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, which offers higher efficiency and does not require any payment, in case you only need to see a mailbox’s content.

Consequences of Other Apps Use

recovery toolbox

Sure, there are other methods to open a protected mailbox in Microsoft Outlook. But who knows, will you have to look for the proper protection methods after the use of hacker tools or not? The majority of such options are dangerous and may cause unpredictable problems. Today you find a free script to analyze *.pst files, published by unknown hero and tomorrow, besides displaying data on your computer, all confidential information will be somewhere else, in the darknet for example, near credit card numbers for sale, belonging to your companions in misfortune, who were lucky enough to install malware.

Deploy Recovery Toolbox for Outlook so that luck will always be with you. I have never and nowhere heard that this application developer—along with other methods of data restoration, but in different formats—is somehow responsible for IT security incidents. The essential is that the program is free, if you only need to see a mailbox contents in Outlook, but cannot somehow open it in Microsoft Outlook. This solution looks like the easiest option.

It has only one requirement—install it on a machine using Windows. However, even this requirement can be bypassed! You only need to pay a bit. The case is that the developer also supports the online service of Microsoft Outlook file restoration. Indeed, it mostly serves to restore and not preview. When using it, there is no need to install anything, merely open this link from any computer, tablet and even mobile phone and upload there a damaged e-mail box of any MS Outlook.

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