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How to choose the right email server software for the enterprise?

If you want to handle your business emails in the most professional manner and are in the lookout of a solution that offers the right access and tools your business requires.

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Every business requires an email server. It serves as a straightforward way of establishing communications, both internally and externally. This is where the businesses get their essential notifications and the storage space required for archiving shared files and important information. 

Many businesses choose their email providers by considering brand familiarity, but it is always crucial to review different options before buying one. After all, it will be the most-used solution for your team!

Features to Look Out For

The best and correct email server software for your business will not just help you send and receive emails reliably for your very own domain but will also provide additional tools like shared calendars and contacts. This is precisely what you get from ZIMBRA EMAIL .

But before getting deeper into understanding the features Zimbra mailing server has on offer for you, let us look at some of the essential features buyers are generally in the lookout of in their email servers:

  • Email hosts must allow their users to create mailing accounts using the domain address of their companies.
  • They should offer 24/7 support for all kinds of issues and questions. System administrators should be available for managing emails.
  • The email service provider should have in-built features such as virus and spam-filtering to allow the users to route all their mails.
  • The software should offer a lot of storage space for archiving old emails, mainly if the employees of a company communicate with the customers and make business decisions through the mail.
  • Your email service provider should allow you to send attachments and emails that are a minimum of 25MB in size. You must also get FTP or file-sharing tools for sending large files.

Zimbra mailing server excels in all these criteria and has some added specifications on offer for its clients. Read on to get more information about Zimbra mail server software and understand how it is the right solution for your business’s particular requirements.

Zimbra Offers Top Quality Corporate-Level Collaboration

When it comes to highly advanced tools of collaboration, there is absolutely no other email provider in the market that can beat the Zimbra mailing server. 

It has a plethora of capabilities on offer and is probably one of the best mailing host servers available in the market at present. Let us have a look at some of its exclusive features below:

  • Safer, more reliable, smarter, faster, and easier mailing server in comparison to the others available in the market.
  • The Zimbra drive comes in the form of a complete storage and file sharing system in Zimbra web client. It comes closely coordinated with Zimbra Drive and Zimbra Docs.
  • An entire subset of New Generation Modules or Tools will help you with the synchronization of all shared resources, real-time backup, and HSM on Amazon S3 along with Delegated Admin.
  • Zimbra Docs helps the users create and collaborate using spreadsheets, presentations, and documents from within the Zimbra web client.
  • The Zimbra Connect feature of the mailing server helps in keeping the entire business team connected. The teams can collaborate in one spot through group chat or 1:1 chat. Other features include screen sharing, file sharing, video calls, and group channel calls.

Zimbra mailing server comes as one of the leading collaboration and open source messaging solutions in the world. Over 5, 000 public sector clients and companies already rely on this email server. 

It comes complete with calendar, email, tasks, video conferencing/messaging, and file sharing. It has got all the major collaboration features required by businesses in these present times.


If you want to handle your business emails in the most professional manner and are in the lookout of a solution that offers the right access and tools your business requires, then the Zimbra mailing server is for you.

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