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How to choose the right modem router combo

Answering the question if it worth purchasing modem-router combo – we will definitely say Yes.

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In case you decided to configure your domestic Wi-Fi net, you need to be aware of the equipment you actually require. In most cases, it is based on two devices – modem and router, which make your tablets, smartphones, and everything linked to the network. Today we will tell you how to choose a combo instead of two separate gadgets.

Your Network Pass

To connect the Internet to your home, you need a modem – a small gadget that a provider usually installs. It works via cable or telephone line. The connector is usually located on the back of the gadget.

Choosing a modem is only half the battle because they usually provide a pass for only one wired gadget. If you want to use wireless Internet, you will need a router, which is a special tool that allows you to use the Internet on several devices at the same time. Routers connect to the modem via cable and transfer the connection to other gadgets in your home via additional cables or wireless Wi-Fi.

To make your life easier, we recommend paying your attention to combos, which are widely available in the market. To select the best modem router combo, follow the tips below.

Major Recommendations

  • Define the Purpose

When selecting, you first need to determine the purpose of purchase. There are some requirements for a small office or apartment, for a large room where there are quite a lot of connected gadgets – the requirements are completely different.

When selecting a modem, you first need to determine the purpose of purchase. There are some requirements for a small office or apartment, for a large room where there are quite a lot of connected gadgets – the requirements are completely different.  Pro Tip: If you are a gamer, you should probably check out this article on the best modem for gaming, as a high-quality gaming modem will guarantee great performance and a reliable connection which is incredibly important for online games such as Fortnite, Valorant or CS:GO. Keep in mind, that gaming modems are a bit different from the traditional router-modem combo, so we suggest to give it a thorough read for all you gamers out there. For anyone else, please continue reading.

  • Check the Basic Features

All routers have the ability to transfer data via Wi-Fi and withstand a large number of connections, but to select the gadget correctly, you need to be attentive to its characteristics.

It is important to determine how fast and stable the operation can be expected from it, to know its range, signal encryption level, etc. It is also necessary to take into account Wi-Fi standards. This will help to understand what this or that model is capable of. For this, reviews come in handy. It is also useful to see how many ranges of wireless information transmission the tool supports: this affects the quality, as well as its price.

  • Look at the Number of Ports Available

For whatever premises the tool is chosen, an important criterion is the number of ports, since the wired link of routers is used quite often. It is better to buy a model with a larger number of ports than necessary at the moment to avoid a shortage of free connectors in the future.

  • Follow the Standards

Necessary protocols and connection standards support affects both the speed of information exchange and the quality of interaction with devices, so this should also be taken into account.

What other selection criteria could be considered:

  • type of LANs;
  • the presence of built-in USB ports;
  • manufacturer and reviews: the products of well-known brands that have collected good user feedback tend to work more stable and longer;
  • the number of antennas and their type.

Answering the question if it is worth purchasing a modem-router combo – we will definitely say Yes. Now you know exactly what characteristics should be carefully considered so the only thing remains – to wish you a good purchase. To get started, click here. Good luck!

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